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chest pain, shortness of breath

Please help!!! I have been experiencing sharp pains in my chest, primarily the left side, on and off for three and a half months. Now I am also experiencing shortness of breath. My chest fees extremely heavy, like there are about twenty bricks on it. I've had three EKGs, two stress tests, one echocardiogram. All were  normal. Also, two x-rays were normal. ER doctor said I don't have a blood clot. I have been to four different doctors and none can figure out what's wrong.
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If you were having the sharp chest pains only without the chest heaviness, I would consider nerve or musculoskeletal causes of your pain.  The extremely heavy feeling in your chest suggests coronary artery disease.  This would not have been found by the EKG's, stress tests, and echocardiogram.  You should request further evaluation of your heart by a cardiologist.

Usually blood clots of the lungs are not found by doing a chest x-ray.  Generally a helical or spiral CT scan or a ventilation perfusion lung scan are needed to find blood clots in an artery of the lungs.
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