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chest pain

I have had chest pain for six days and it is getting worse.  I had an ecg, blood tests and chest xray and nothing showed up.  The doctor said it isn't my heart or lungs or any blood clots. The pain is on the right side of my chest and radiates to my bcak and right shoulder.  I feel a little lightheaded and winded at times and have to walk slow because of that and the pain.  He said I may have pleurisy and has put me on anti inflamatories I have taken six so far and it has not even eased the pain even a little bit and I am getting more painful and uncomfortable.  I have a hard time slepping because I am unable to find a comfortable position.  If someone can help me figure out what ios actually going on that would be appreciated
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I suggest you ask your doctor investigate acid reflux and gal bladder issues.

Another option would be a dislocated, bruised or broken rib.  Did something happen six weeks ago that could have cause something like that?  A fall or any otherr kind of accident?  Severe coughing?  

Just some thoughts.  Feel better.
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If your doctor said you have pleurisy, that is  inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest. It is often a sign of a viral infection of the lungs.  With anti inflamatory meds and REST might help... I felt the same way only that i had the fluid around my heart and it needed to be drained.  

I wish you well, but i would follow up with the doctor, possibly a lung and heart doctor.  if it does not get better within 5 days of starting the anti infalamtory meds. I found that REST was very important.

Feel better...
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