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chronic cough, especially when laughing, or after eating

PLEASE HELP! I have had this problem for a couple of years now. I start coughing, constantly, when I laugh hard, or after I eat...maybe a little too much. It's not so much a 'dry' cough, because I do feel 'something' in my throat. My cough will continue until I gag and throw up sometimes. I do not smoke, and only drink occasionally. I will also start coughing when I smell certain things, like BBQ sauce, Ketsup, anything with a strong vinegary aroma. I have had colds in the past, and sinus issues, but they have always been resolved with antibiotics and decongestants. Could I possibly have asthma? I do not get winded or short of breath, unless I'm doing strenuous excercise, and I do not have tightness in my chest. What tests can be done to determine what exactly I DO have? I do not have health insurance, so I can't afford to do alot of 'process of elimination' tests that will end in a questimate diagnosis.
Any and all information that you can provide to me would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Just a quick note to say hi!
I have had the same thing for almost 2 yrs saw a Dr. when it first started and he treated me for allergies it seemed to get a little better for a short time so I self medicated myself with  otc  meds for allergies  zyrtex,  clariton, and even tried singular from a dr. I recently had a  PFT..lung test ,x rays and now am getting ready to see a specialist due to my Dr. says all test came back normal but he isn't a specialist. (his words) .. This is very annoying having to hear  your  tests are normal when you are still continuing to have the same issues.. All I want is to know what is causing it..I will let you know what they say when I see the specialist if you would like.. If anyone else has answers to this please post it.. thank you!  Tammy the Chronic Cougher ..btw I do not smoke and drink occasionally ..
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