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co2 in blood

my latest cbc shows co2 in my blood .i have been coughing a white mist for a long time now.i have lost much of my hearing .my nose itches like there is poison ivy in it .it started with an infection in my throat.then my ears started popping.then i lost 15 db of hi frequencies in hearing every six months for 2 years.everyone i shake hands with develops similar symptoms including the white foamy spit and throat infection.also it includes the double ear infection that we all get.many of us are complaining of muscle aches and sore eyes.in the beginning some have mild fever 99.4 off and on for a period of months .now having feelings of being cold .also platlets are on the low end 160it has also caused digestive issues.at one point large strips of skin would die in my ear taking out hair folliculs.does this seem like pneumoniamaybe walking pneumonia.?

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I have grown a culture from my sputum .it is a white fluffy fungus that looks like polyester fiber fill in a pillow.
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I don't know if it is aspergillus bit looks more like rhizopus.how do you get a dr to test for this so I can get some help.
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