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complicated case

My husband is a bone marrow transplant recipient from an unrelated donor 4 years ago.  He is a former smoker.

He has mild COPD.
He has chest wall thickening from ankylosing spondylitis.
He has scoliosos that is preventing his rib cage from allowing his lungs to expand.
He has interstitial scarring from radiation therapy.
He has lost a lot of weight (20 lbs) in the last 6 months.
He is having problems breathing and can not really cough.

He recently saw a pulmonary doctor who prescribed him nebulizer treatments which have not really helped.  

I am wondering though what kind of specialist would be best for these various issues which are all contributing to his inability to breath.

We are losing hope.
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He really is a complicated case, he has several things going on....Have the doctors done anything diagnostic to him such as a CT scan, xrays, pulmonary function tests? His scoliosis creates a restrictive defect along with his COPD...I wonder if it has gotten so bad that he might need some help with his breathing. Nebulizers will help his COPD but not the breathing problems from his scoliosis.
Does he have anything cardiac going on? Maybe a cardiologist along with the pulmo might help....I am just throwing ideas out on the table....I wish I could help more, I pray that your husband gets some relief and answers soon...Sunny
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He has had numerous CT scans, x-rays, pulmonary function tests.  He does have both obstructive and restrictive disease.  Thankfully nothing cardiac going on, although I am beginning to wonder why.  

The CT scans shows the infiltrates caused by radiation, mild emphysema.  The xray initally showed a pleural effusion but when they were going to do the ultrasound guided thoracentisic it was not there anymore.  There is pleural thickening.  The PFT shows air trapping and obstruction.  He also is losing weight rapidly, and won't really eat to try and help that.

Thanks for the reply.
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