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constant shortness of breath-gasping-cant complete breath

Hi,im a 23 year old male and i've been dealing with this constant shortness of breath for over 6-7 years now. Its hard to say but doctors have no idea what's wrong with me.I see so many people dealing with this problem and it seems like theres no diagnosis. It just strated outta the blue I went to take a deep breath and i couldnt get that last bit of hair to satisfy the breath and this whole vicious cycle started. After that for about 2 years i was constantly taking deep breaths and not able to get a satisfied breath. I WAS CONSTANTLY YAWNING>SIGNING AND TAKIN UNSATISFIED DEEP BREATH ALL DAY LONG. I had reached the point when i was staying home in my bed just hoping i would die so it would stop.  After 2 years or so it seemed to just go away. It then came back right after i smoked a cigarette . Ever since then its been an ongoing struggle. I feel as if i have no control of my life, and im constantly thinking of my breathing. I feel hopeless and feel as if no one understands what im going through or that i have this disease that doctors cant detect. My doctor has put me on xanax for anxiety and it seemed to cut the edge off a lil but its still there.  I can only work 2 days, i don't go to school  and i don't have much of a happy life .I've gone to cardiologist, ent's, gi's, pulmonary doctors. I've gone through xrays, PFT, EKG, stress tests, endoscopy . Only thing i have is GERD/LPR. I also am constantly clearing my throat.I heard that can be because of the Gerd/LPR. I just took a new PFT test and my breathing is normal. My lung specialist says its just all in my head and that i have this because ive become aware of my breathing pattern. i've used advair, singular and breathing pumps for asthma with no results.  I'm losing hope on what's going on with me. Would a ct or mri be helpfull? I remember you telling me about biofeedback and acupuncter.. and was wondering how and if that helps? is there a diagnosis.. prognosis?
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I can understand how this could be very frustrating and worrisome for you. You must feel miserable most of the time.  Emotionally-based symptoms can feel every bit as real as the symptoms that arise of physically documentable disease.  However, the fact that all of the specialists you have seen have been unable to find a physical cause (heart or lung disease) of your breathing symptoms strongly suggests that one does not exist.  That you experienced some relief with Xanax is a hopeful sign but also one that suggests that there might be, at least in part, an emotional basis for your symptoms.  I believe that a CT Scan or MRI would not be helpful and would say the same of any other testing used to diagnose physical disease.

I strongly suggest that you arrange to have a heart to heart talk with your primary physician and, unless he/she feels that to be inappropriate, then attempt to consult with a psychiatrist with a special interest in mind/body illnesses.  This would fall in the category of psychosomatic medicine and subspecialists with expertise in this field can be found at most  Academic (Medical School) Medical Centers, such as the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado.  If that institution is not located near you, you could contact them, to inquire of counselors they could recommend in your area.

Good luck
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you not alone I been fighting mine for 3 years I got sick and then could not breath I smoked but stoped I would wake up and sit strat up out of a sound sleep and have my partner beet me on the back I could not breath they said same thing Asthma COPD and on and on now the lung test came out clean and I have GERD for sure my stumic gets up set and then it burns all the way up in to my throat and the breathing is bad I have days that are good maybe even weeks then its gone again I have been doing things as in losing weight and watching what I eat and not eating 3 Hrs before I go to bed and it dose help as in it coming and going the same **** I cant eat beef at all it messes with my stumic and pork OMG for get it I am finding its from the Gerd it has to be thats when  its acting up my breathing starts as well.I get the bloating and acid and the burning and im clearing my throat and the lungs and the mucis is just to much and the sins **** and Im telling u try watching what u eat and its dose help it has not left but its got better..good luck and if you find a way to stop it Please email me ***@**** I fixing to go have a UGI and a gastrice Empenmty as well to see how bad my gerd is...
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