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constant sore throat !why?

I am currently suffering reacuring sore throat symptoms  which  is making my asthma out of control. symptoms worse in the mornin slight sick feeling  on and of too!generaly unwell feelin but not as bad as other infections its like i am wakin with feelin i am gettin a chest infection few morning coughs clears stuff of chest then ok !flu like feelin on and off ,now like this months ,cant shift it !!sick of it now!Dont usually notice a temp but feel hot more frequently than usual!Takin more steroids so my body keeps swellin, o , more on one side than other ie one hand swells other ok.I have had a serious infection after child birth resultin in lots of antibiotics ,oral and iv . constant UTI too coming and going!Not long ago was in hospital on yet more antibiotics for uti and told had strep throat too wich upset my tummy but am not sure if may be it was viral and antibiotics caused sickness ,passed and vomitted blood lost a few stone as could not eat any thing for weeks not been good for 2 years am sick of people saying 'your always ill' to me !My baby girl has been the same reacuring ear and chest infection tested positive to MRSA.She was even tested for cystic fibrosis was so ill !luckily neg !Bin to the doc am just run down gave me coldsore antiviral s as had ulcers in mouth n lips ,My mum passed away after suffering ongoing chest infection lasted sept till march variouse treatments n stays in hospital!Not one to panic but feels like da ja voo!Was an asthma attack that killed her and i know mine is not good i know i hav an infection why wont any one do any thing b4 its to late!!its makin me more allergic to everything !not jus dogs now people who bin nr dogs help please !!!!
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