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copd/stomach bloating

Has any one out there noticed a corraliation between copd and eating??  I've noticed that after I eat, rest for 20 -40 min. and get up to begin activity (even waking to my vehicle) my stomach bloats severly, I have shortness of breath and a full hard stomach.  No matter how much or how little I eat or what I eat.  Dealing with this for 4 years, elimaniting everything and coming up with nothing.  Is there any one else out there with these symptoms??
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I wrote to you in another window and I am not sure that it got through.  So, will repeat.  My symptoms match yours exactly.  I have found two things that work a little:  Pickle juice(Bubbies) and wine or liquor.  Talking to anyone in the medical field about this from specialists to country doctors is like talking to a wall.  In fact, the wall may be more sympathetic.  If you find anything please let me know!

I get the same thing and i have a regimen for almost 2 years now of lifting weights and walking  at least a mile usually 2--  3 times a week . I am not overweight 5 ft 8 150 lbs with copd. I quit smoking cigs in 2008 so this year of 2018 is 10 years without a puff.BUT  i have a bloated hard gut like you no matter what i do.Some days are more bloated than others but i havent been able to get rid of it and i look great in a excercise shirt except for the gut so youre not alone. JOHN 2018
So garydschultz if youre still out here  i will try the pickle juice but Jim Beam doesnt do a thing.If i come up with something ill let you know Keep up the fight {John} moony672  feb 19 2018
Boppy 2029  the same goes for you{John} moony675 Feb 19 2018
Almost forgot--when i quit smoking i was 52   diagnosed with copd at 54--am now 62  look way younger-still full brown hair--but gut is STUBBORN {john]moony675 --feb 19 2018
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I too experienced similar experience.  i felt like it was a terrible case of indigestion.  Some said it wa sirriable bowel, Dr. said it was GERD.  I started usung mints not gum and the excess gas and bloating took care of itself.  I have them in mouth all the time.  didn't want to try prevacid or anything else cause there wasn't any dr. diagnosis involved it was just trial and error,it's not perfect but better than it was.
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I have the same problem as well. I too have COPD. My stomach will go from relatively flat, to filling like a balloon after eating. I am certain all the cures mentioned by others do work. For myself, I just try to eat a number of light meals throughout the day. They say with COPD, to eat 6 small meals a day. For me, when I get bloated like that, breathing becomes more difficult as well. I do have GERD. Was diagnosed many years ago with it and I do have IBS as well. But, I have learned the foods to avoid, so the GERD and IBS are not such a problem anymore. I firmly believe the COPD does somehow effect the stomach. All these posts prove that or it does in my opinion. I will sometimes take an acid reliever, if the bloating is real bad. So far, that has worked for me as well. Hope this helps you and the others that have posted here. I will keep the remedies posted in mind as well.
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I now know I have COPD.  My bloating has become so excessive - thought I had ovarian cancer.

My waist is about 5 inches bigger than it should be - it will go down a couple of inches - but horrible to buy clothes.  I eat very little - try to eliminate all kinds of foods that will bloat or cause a food allergy. I don't eat sugar, white flour, white rice, and very little dairy.

I cannot hold my stomach in - due to the lung problem - so I look pregnant.  Anyone know of a way to stop this or I am destined to live with it.
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MY husband has copd but his bloating isnt from gas, he takes a lasix and potasium for water weight, they say you can get right side heart failure from copd and this is what causes his distended stomach
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i have the same thing going on with my stomach and this may sound rediculous but after a big meal or any meal as a matter of fact i will take 2 walgreens stool softeners, no more than two a day and what it does is help me get rid of the bloated feeling and also any gas build up in my stomach,i eat a lot of turkey which keeps the weight down.it works for me but may not work for everyone
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Wow!! Just about every one of my direct concerns is addressed in all of the above comments - even to the comment where karin1aka considered ovarian cancer!! I did too - in fact brought that up with my doctor during a complete physical on 10Jul12!! This was before I had the chest x-ray indicating expanded lungs.  Looks not so good.  More tests to come.  But, aha, I see there may well be a correlation between breathing issues and bloating!! I've tried it all (with the exception of meds).  Mint tea, modification of diet, eliminated well known culprits, dairy, gluten, salts, sugars, sodas, treats, nothing worked aside from an unexpected and happy 11 pound weight loss.  Bloating continued.  I am now going to explore the possibilities of yogic breathing and exercise.
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I have copd in the right lung. I have also had an emplyemia, after the lining of the right lung came off 3 years ago. When I eat, I bloat, and have a difficult time breathing, no matter what it is I eat. If I am on predisone it helps. Why is this, and is there any relief?
bud 17   i tell my doctors that my copd is affecting pretty much only my left lung  and even my pulmonologist doesnt believe me.So what you say makes total sense to me.Now i know im not nuts and it can effect one lung more than the other
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Well bud, I also have copd and every morning after getting up I start to get cramps in the belly and full of gas. Breathing gets worse.  Have tried all the stool softners and take gaviscone. But still dont help. I also tAke prednisolone. It helps with the breathing a little . But still doubled up in pain with belly . I find the only way to stop pain is go to bed for a couple of hours.  
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Hi! I have COPD.  I have a slight protrusion of my stomach on the right side and have stomach bloating. This used to be occasional, but it seems pretty constant if I'm not sitting and also causes shortness of breath. I was told this extra gas and bloating is also caused by my oxygen therapy at home. I take gas pills, but it's not a lot of help?  Have you heard of the stomach protrusion also? Docs have felt stomach and no comments so I guess all feels ok.
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I can't believe this I also have copd x 2 years and the top of my abdomen swells after I eat no matter How small or big the meal ....I'm a nurse and can't figure out anything to work either it's miserable because it feels abnormal to me and doctors just say nothing there has to be something that will stop this or at least help
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I currently was diagnosed with COPD. I am finding that l can be sitting, standing, lying down doing absolutely nothing and will bloat out like no tomorrow causing me difficulty to breath. I don't even have to eat anything, it just starts bloating out, as well it feels like it's in the upper part of my chest because l end up with shortness of breath and it feels like l'm gasping for air and l am sitting in a chair and haven't moved!!! I also have that irritated cough that comes along with it.. lol  Can anyone help. Thanks
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A very helpful tip is always have mint imperials to hand ... they help with the air and the shortness of breath .. and yes the irritating cough that wont go away until your bloating goes down ... they help that a bit too . but for the rest ?? Cut out dairy ..
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My fiancé has been bloating for a year and his poor stomach is so hard and full it's like he's having triplets. He's in hospital right now for pneumonia and I've been asking them to determine what's making his stomach so hard and large. They did a CT and at least confirmed he does not have fluid buildup. He has COPD-emphysema and congestive heart failure. We need to know what to do to help him reduce the swelling, but it took a year to get this way, it isn't going to go away overnight and probably not with mints. Please help! ***@****
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My fiancé has been bloating for a year and his poor stomach is so hard and full it's like he's having triplets. He's in hospital right now for pneumonia and I've been asking them to determine what's making his stomach so hard and large. They did a CT and at least confirmed he does not have fluid buildup. He has COPD-emphysema and congestive heart failure. We need to know what to do to help him reduce the swelling, but it took a year to get this way, it isn't going to go away overnight and probably not with mints. Please help! ***@****
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I use baking soda, half glass of water with just enough baking soda for the taste of it.  works for me, I start to belch a little and feel a little better.   I just have to live with it.   I count my blessings that all I have wrong with me.
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Standard Herbs Home your herbal remedy really helped me to cure the deadly COPD disease that almost took my life, i just want to say thank you and how much it really meant to me, i will make sure i tell the whole world about your herbal medicine, and make sure i donate some funds to your orphanage home. Thanks so much Standard Herbs Home.
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I was not really having a problem breathing at first. My throat was burning; I thought I had strep throat. I had pain in my neck, and there was swelling around my collar bone. The first doctor I went to said he did not know why there was swelling. He gave me antibiotics and told me that if the swelling was not better to come back in two weeks. I went back in two weeks and he said he did not know what was wrong. Since I do not have insurance, I went to a hospital emergency room, and they said I have COPD, I lost touch with reality. January 2018  I  started on the COPD natural herbal formula we ordered from GREEN HOUSE HERBAL CLINIC, We spoke to few people who used the treatment here in the United States and they all gave a positive response, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the Green House COPD disease natural herbal formula. I am now almost 70 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed! (Visit their website www . Greenhouseherbalclinic . com) I am thankful to nature, herbs are truly gift from God.  i breath much better and feel comfortable doing so, I will keep sharing more awareness!!!
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you can be doing 2 things .. but this is not "everything"
1: breathing / swallowing air as you eat. more common with COPD
2: extended or flattened diaphragm due to COPD
either or both will create that extended stomach.
the larger question is if it goes away. if it doesn't every go away,
then think the diaphragm or possibly heart enlargement, could also be abdominal aorta extension.  
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