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coughing up blood

So I am 16 years old and last night I was laying down in my bed and I all of the sudden started wheezing and I had to cough. It was a deep chest cough like when you are sick. Something tasted weird when I coughed so I spit it out in the sink and it was bright red blood. I drank a bunch of water and then didn't have to cough anymore. I am really scared I don't know what this means. If its relevant, I smoke weed around 3 times a week and I had smoked the night that I coughed. I also had a few beers that night. Not sure if this is relevant. I also use a juul(e-cig). Im a little overweight but not too much at all. If anyone knows what this means then let me know I am really scared. Thanks!!
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Well, if you are coughing up blood, a responsible adult in your life should be told so you can be seen by a doctor. I doubt I have to state the obvious that inhalation of smoke from weed isn't good for you.  but coughing up blood is something that requires medical care so you need to talk to your parents about seeing a doctor.  good luck
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