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could it be Chemtrails

One of the main symptoms of being exposed to chemtrails is upper respiratory infections and subsequent mucus reaction. This is why your doctors are baffled. It is being fed to you from the skies - believe it or not - please search chemtrails. It is a terrible situation that is happening all over the world. New flu's and colds that last months and never really clear up - sound familiar

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I've had it for a few months now. I know all about Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering aka Chemtrails. The particles are so small you can't screen them out and my air purifier isn't enough either. Taking antibiotics to prevent it becoming pneumonia. Cough! cough!  cough!!! ak aka ak!
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yes I am so glad to see someone else on MH taking this seriously ..I too suffer from bad allergy symptoms I beleive are caused by the chem trails ...If  you go online and look up 'What on earth are they Spraying' The media and most people are not taking this in they have done tests on ground water and soil and have found several,bad toxins .I suggest a heavy metal toxicity test
Thank you to all those who dare address the truth.  We are being sprayed like bogs with toxic poisons.  I, too, have the sticky, clear mucous that sometimes feels lie it's choking me.  Frequent bouts of constant throat clearing to no effect.  Yes, many know, but they have been either bribed, blackmailed, or threatened to keep silent.  The only way we can stop the poisoning of the entire Earth is to break the silence.
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Absolutely, I believe it is Chemtrails and I do believe that is what gave me ILD. The only thing you can do is wear surgical masks when out like they do in China to prevent lung disease. For those who already have lung conditions like I have we are really in trouble. This government KNOWS exactly what they are doing and the illnesses they are causing Asthma is epidemic porportions, dementia is more prevelant along with altzheimers disease and a whole hose of Autoimmune disorders!! It is called Crimes against humanity.
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