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dehydration and short of breath

I am feeling dehydrated eventhough I have drunk a lot of fluid.  I am also having difficult time breathing and feeling fatigue all the time. These symptoms started a week ago and are new to me. I don't understand what the problem is. Can someone help me define it. Thanks!
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Hi, how old are you? In diabetes, this kind of symptoms is seen hence please get your blood glucose level done. Also, add salt and lemon to water, this will replenish lost ions. If no improvement is seen, do consult doctor.

How about your blood pressure.Did you recently suffered from viral infection?
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I am 22. My grandma had diabetes. I am not sure what type she had. How much of salt and lemon should I add to the water? Do you know the exact measurement?  I get sore throat every now and then, but it usually goes away after a couple of days. Could this be the cause? I play soccer every Thursday too, do you think I should play this week?  Thank you for your time.
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Hi, to one litre of water add 2 lemons and one forth teaspoonful of salt. At least get your fasting or post prandial sugar get checked once. Drink at least take 2 lts of this fluid.

Recurrent sore throat infections could be seen in diabetes. Try betadine gargles along with decongestants (pseudoephedrine etc) for sore throat. But if frequency of attacks is high, do consult ENT doctor for throat culture examination.

Don't play soccer if you feel dehydrated thursday morning.
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