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disqusting smell of and on in nose

my dentist punctured my sinus cavity early sept, 9days ago drainage started out of the gum, Doc called in amoxicillin 500mg. Drainage stopped day before my pills were gone. Day after i ran out of antibiotics no drainage but started to smell bad smell, I finally figured it out, the smell is in my nose. Drove my self nuts thinking it was an abcess from one of my pets. It's been 4 days and now it's getting stronger its cross between rotting flesh and ammonia, it stinks, and stings just like ammonia sitting in front of me. I go back to dentist on Tuesday to have more extractions and I'm worried. What can I do about this in the meantime ? And will this affect the scheduled extractions? There is just not way I can get to the Dr to find out, but the off and on again smell is making me sick to my stomache.
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Oh bad smells from sinuses are not a good sign. Often this indicates an infection is present. Do be careful, as this is all interconnected with your dental work. If you develop a fever it is a strong sign of infection. The only other thing I can think of is maybe some food got up into your sinus where it was punctured and is rotting there. Certainly make mention of it to your dentist. If it really becomes bothersome then see your doctor before that.
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