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dry cough 1.5 months - allergy or acid reflux?

Dear all hii . I have been having normal dry cough for 1.5 months almost . It started with sudden coughing in October month, heavy chest. Thats it no other symptom . Heqvy chest resolved after 7 days.  Now just  dry cough that also not very sever .
I have following symptoms-
1 -Throat mucus only in morning
2 - any time tickle/dry/rough throat that trigger cough.
3 - basically cough while talking only and when i think about cough.
4 -lungs are clear as per dr. On anti histamine from day one. Tried acid reflux medicine 15 days . After that dr. Said its not reflux its allergy . 5 - sometimes feela irritated below the throat.
6 - i have history of allergies with sore throat and  sinus.  Not had allergy last 3 yrs.

I would like to tell its not at all serious its just very normal cough not all time. But i do feel when i am around dust my throat tickles triggering cough.
So is it acid reflux or allergy or simply stress and anxiety causing me to cough. ( because i am anxious person and think too much)
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