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face turning pale.. blue lips(?).. out of breath.. dizzy..

I feel like the dr looks at me like I'm making up all my symptoms.. I went into for my breathing issue.. as well all the pulse like sound in my ear(pulsatile tinnitus?) He seem to not be taking it serious. he told me I might not get to see ENT dr until August.. I think asked well is this not serious? Should I be hearing this in my ear?!  He then said he would mark ASAP on referral.. really I had to ask that?
I finally decided to take a picture of how my face turns pale to compare.. well you can see it does turn pale(lips blue??)
I mean I'm not making this stuff up.. I just need a dr to take me serious. I'm frustrated as I feel like I'm getting the presser bad in my right ear now too(it was in left ear for the most part and the left ear is the one I hear the pulse like sound in.. but now the pressure is staring in my right) and I sure hope I don't start hearing that pulse/woosh sound in that ear as well.  The head aches I have been getting are horrible as well. And at times I feel like my head is so heavy and my neck to weak I can not keep my head up :(

I mean I'm not making it up right?? the two pictures were taken about 1 hour apart, same are of room.. same camera position(sitting on kitchen counter) same lighting. You can see how pale I am in first picture and how the color has come back to my face in the second picture.  I see this in the mirror all the time. Finally nice to have picture to compare.

I have posted on several forums here.. one of them the heart forum.
I have blood work done, EKG done over and over.. then had 24 hour monitor.. then had Echo..
Blood work fine..one thing was CK levels were high but other then that all fine.. EKG came back abnormal.. 24 hour monitor showed PSVT(only 4 episodes in 24 hour period.. I mean that is nothing, right? Why the heck do I feel so horrible everyday then) Echo was fine, the only thing I question on there is the 27mmHg pulmonary pressure.. my dr seems to think it's fine.. but with all these other symptoms I have I might there might be possibly of pulmonary hypertension(NOT THAT I'M WISHING THAT! just looking for answers here) I have a 2 year old son to take care of. At points during the day I have problems walking from one side of the room to the other. I get out of breath.. dizzy. Just don't feel well.  
I am going to drive to my GP tomorrow am and see if I can get referral to PH specialist. I'm just concerned I will not be heard.. I feel I will not ask the right questions.. I just feel I will not get any answers.
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