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ground glass opacities

I would like to know what is ground glass opacities. I had a ct scan that showed that I have ground glass opacities that are in both lungs. What could this be
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i would like to know also. i just joined this site.
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It could be a number of things, You need to follow up w/a pulmonologist. I too, have these and are doing follow up scans every 6 months to watch for growth. How many do you have and how big are they? Mine are 3-7mm and I have 15 nodules so far, started with 10 when found. PLease keep me informed w/ur progress.
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I too am having multiple nodules showing up on every CT I have.  Within 5 months I have a new 7.5 mm ground glass nodule and was told to get a pneumovac (pneumonia) shot as well as getting another CT in December, which is now within 3 months of last CT.  I have another one on my right 2nd rib that is 8mm and ground glass also with multiple smaller ones in both lungs.  I just don't feel like I am getting any answers and also feel like I should have a biopsy.  Any suggestions, any idea what exactly Ground Glass Nodules are and should I be concerned if a new one shows up 5 months after PET scan?
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I have ground glass opacities in both of my lungs too. I have had 3 ct scans in 10 months. My pulmonoligist is stumped. She gave me antibiotics that didnt work, did all kinds of blood tests, nothing showed up. I just had a Lung Biopsy done by a thoracic surgeon on Thurs april 4th and I am waiting on the results. I will let you all know...
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Ok, I got my Lung Biopsy results today. It is Chronic Inflamation. It means i'm coming in contact with something that i'm alergic to on a regular basis. If left untreated it can cause scar tissue and then become serious, so my Pulmonoligist is puting me on steroids permenently until we figure it out. We've already tested me to see if it was cats,dogs,mold,dust mites, a huge list of things. We actually think it may be my work. I started this job 2 years ago and my breathing started getting worse 1.5 years ago. So, this is what my ground glass opacities are, bilateral opacities.
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i have lost 34 lbs in 5 months, I had a left top lung removed 1 years ago, now I have nodlues showing up in lungs and liver, kidneys, spleen , 9 mm  in thyroid, , thickening in broncilas and peribroncials, colon ,sigmoid ascending, desending, bladder & Kidney nodlues. Bladder wont work to empty any longer. Chromanghranin a blood test it  was 34 then in 1 month went to a 134,  I cm nodule in liver and I cm in gallbladder,I had a Octrototide scan run and for 24 hrs, no change , it showed lots of 'sparkles in lower left lung and now in right lungs, no one will tell me what I have wrong with me. Can you give me some information on all this? Thank you..
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I have multiple nodules under 7mm then they found one that was 3cm. Rushed to CTCA but since in my most recent PET scan the mass looked smaller they said I don't have cancer.  Like all of you no one can tell me what I have.  Already on steroids for other issues so hoping it will help.  Will share anything I learn as I continue chasing this down...
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They won't give me steroids.  No answers. No real treatment. It's getting harder and harder to breathe.  The pain.  The peripheral neuropathies and pains.  The very, very low O2 desaturation. I've made my funeral plans already.  Made sure my life insurance and will are in place.
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