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help needed
dear doc ..im 29 y old male. non smoker
i was with friends two weeks ago and smoked Hooka for a lil bit .
a cough started  but very mild 2 weeks  ago but very mild
last week on wednsdsay started to get worse with sputum . sometimes white soem times small pecies of yellow - green sputum i  can see
last wednsday though and specially thursday the cough was veeeety sever i couldnt sleep . so i went to the bathroom and tried to force clearing the sputum. ..so i vomited alot trying to force it .
i washed my mouth and went to sleep . i woke up the next day morning i found blood mixed with my sputum in the morning then it cleared ..i went to the doc ...took x-ray gave me Ab and said to go home
6 days now ....almost no cough and clear sputum the whole day ..only when i wake up there is blood with the first sputum and few followin it then it clears to white for the whole day .

is it normal blood for 6 days for irritaion after forcful clearing sputum from. ( where i vomited after)
should i be worried ? should i ask for a CT Scan ?
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