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how to get rid of ammonia smell

my doctor gave me the perfect way to get rid of the ammonia splitters in my nose.
first you need an atibiotic like augmenten, flonase nasal spay, but most impotratnlty nielmed salt spray for the nose {this product is amazing, use it 4 times a day for ten days and the smell is gone!} also you need a mucinex 1 every 4 to 6 hours. and before you go to sleep you take a qu-tip and put triple antibiotic, like neosporin, up both sides of the nose. this keeps the infection from spreading.  all 5 of these items work amazing. within 1 day the smell is gone and the bacterial infection is going away. but it takes ten days and your back to normal. if you don't take care of this it could spread very rapidly to lungs and other parts of your body.
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