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how to get rid of nasal polyps

My name is suraj and am from india. I have nasal pollyps in both the nostil but left side has bigger and have problem of breathing. My doctor advised for surgery but the problem with me is of rising blood pressure so cant be operated. Would you please guide me of some alternative as to how can i remove my polyps. I can see it in the left nose. Can I pull it out by tuiser.?
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Please do not attempt to pull a polyp out with tweezers.  That would be dangerous, especially with your high blood pressure.

Here is what should be done.  First you and your doctor must work together to control your blood pressure, even if surgery is not to be performed.  Second, an attempt should be made to shrink your polyps by the regular use of a prescription nasal steroid spray.  This is difficult if not impossible in the circumstance where a nostril is completely blocked and airflow minimal to zero.  It can be accomplished, however, with patience and persistence.  In this circumstance, when the nasally sprayed material seems to come right back out of your nose, you and your doctor might consider the use of a topical steroid in the form of a cream or an ointment.  Third, if you can determine what you are allergic to that has caused of the development of polyps and avoid exposure to that allergen that too could be helpful.

Be aware that, once the polyps have shrunk and your nostrils open, it may be necessary for you to continue to use the prescription nasal steroid spray indefinitely.  In some, relatively rare, circumstances it may not be possible to shrink the existent polyps with medicine, limited surgery may be your only choice, after your blood pressure is controlled.

Good luck.
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About 6-7 years back, I went to see an ENT and discovered I had nasal polyps.

I had endoscopic surgery to remove the polyps. However within a few months afterwards, my sinuses clogged and again, my polyps have grown back despite my efforts to flush my sinus cavity with a saline/baking soda solution as instructed by my ENT. Using the flush was difficult because it would burn the back of my throat and if my sinuses were clogged, it felt like I was drowning myself.

The other aspect to polyps are the allergies that led to them. Therefore efforts to reduce allergens may help some. Being allergic to dust mites, it seems like a never-ending battle that I lose more often than not. I have tried all sorts of air-purifiers and even changed my flooring to hard wood flors, etc. Washing bedding more often than others, vacuuming and cleaning constantly. It doesn't seem to matter, the polyps come back.

Topical sterioid sprays have not made much impact and seem to only support the pharmacutical industry. I'm sorry, but I am not wealthy; buying expensive sprays on a bi-weekly basis or so is not economically feasible for my income.

Polyps and allergies affect my life in many ways:
1) My nose runs and feels congested 24/7
2) My voice sounds different. It's even hard to speak clearly sometimes.
3) I cannot smell anything and haven't for about 9 years now.
4) My sleep is affected, I cannot breathe easily while sleeping and suspect sleep apnea
5) I snore louder than ever and it disrupts my wife's sleeping.

I find it extremely frustrating to be afflicted with this, and not have a real solution available to resolve the problem. Instead it seems the only answer is to spend a lot on nasal sprays in hopes to get some minor relief or have surgery every so often.

I fail to see those as real solutions.
There has to be a better way.....
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Thanks for such a great ingormation and proper guidance. I am highly impressed by the service being provided. Definately I would do as advised and in casa if you seeks any help from my side am always ready to help you. Thans once again and please keep guiding me in the same manner.
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