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influenza follicles of pharynx or?

Last year somewhere in august after few days of hangover and dehydration I felt a burning sensation in my throat. I checked it out and noticed red bumps all over my pharynx and few small lumps under my tonsils, I was so scared that I caught HPV from just 1 exposure of 3 minutes in my whole life! After that I've been having burning sensation on my pharynx and upper respiratory wall + extra mucus usually in cold wet days that would happen. The only symptoms I have are a burning sensation on pharynx and upper respiratory wall and mucus production. Now after a year and few months those bumps are less colorful and none of them got bigger nor spread around. I already seen 2 GPs and both of them said it's nothing and it's usual for pharynx to be inflamed due to extra mucus being there... My CBC and leukocytes count are perfect! Now I came over a thing called influenza follicles of posteriar pharyngeal and there's not much said about it but it looks like what I have.i've booked today a visit to a dentist for 14th of Jan.I have also attached a picture, please let me know what you think it might be.


Thanks in advance!
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So, you've been checked by one but two gp's who are telling you it is normal.  :>)  You aren't having any symptoms but visual inspection from yourself. You came across something that isn't very well researched.  Your dentist appointment is to look at the bumps?  
I do have burning sensation of the back of my throat, mostly when it's cold and wet outside and usually in the morning + constant mucus production. I'm going to my dentist for a tooth filling but I will most likely ask her about this. And tbh I don't really think GPs were looking at it, they were more focused on my tonsils... Just looking at the pic.does anything come to your mind?
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Not really in terms of the picture.  Now I thought the influenza follicles of posteriar pharyngeal mostly told you if you were getting flu?  I think the way they've studied them is to see if they predict the onset of influenza?  My dentist can be in touch with things but probably the best doctor to see at this point is an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.
um yeah I've had flu 2x this year, the last time was a week ago and these things usually become inflamed during it but calm down after it. Thank you for your replies I hope I'll find out what is causing this. :)
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