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HI, my chest CT scan reads as follows :  An azygos fissure is noted. The mediastinal structures are otherwise unremarkable.  The thoracic aorta is normal in appearance.  The lung fields are currently clear of an acute process.  Note should be made that there appear to be chronic changes with fibrotic changes at both lung bases.

IMPRESSION: chronic lung disease as described. No active disease.

Background history: I'm a 46 yr old woman treated with steroids for sjogrens and polymyositis, Anti-Jo-1 positive.

My doctor had his receptionist call with very vague results, so I had to request a copy of this report.  Can someone please tell me what this all means?
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Good thing I didn't hold my breath waiting for a response...  and the answer IS:  pulmonary fibrosis.  Anyone with chronic muscle aches, painful joints and dry cracked skin on their fingers should consider getting tested by an EXPERIENCED Rheumatologist to check their CPK and also to see if they are Anti-Jo1 positive as this autoimmune triad (polymyositis, arthritis, interstitial lung disease) puts one at high risk of ultimately developing pulmonary fibrosis.
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