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localized chest pain

I had a bad cough three months ago, then a CT scan that showed something. Follow-up CT scan showed that whatever it was had decreased in size. I am to have another CT follow-up in a few weeks (three months after initial one). The cough has gone away, but now I am worried about a localized pain in my chest. It is on the right side, fairly high and corresponds in area to a spot on my back that is always knotted. The CT scan said the area of conern was on the left side. But I am continuing to worry about lung cancer with this moderate localized pain.
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The clearing of your cough and the CT scan showing a decrease in size suggests that this is not lung cancer.  The localized pain on the right side of your chest is probably related to muscle tension.
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Should mention; I am 60, non-smoker, overweight but in good health otherwise. No lung cancer in family.
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