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lump in throat sensation

I had rigid bronchoscopy done one week ago and have a sensation that something is in my throat since. Sometimes I have a hard time swallowing and sometimes it feels like I am being choked. Its on my left side. Is there anything to worry about? I am having a needle biopsy done in one week. Should I just wait until then to say anything?
Thank you
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What you are feeling is probably a superficial abrasion of your throat.  That can be very irritating but will spontaneously subside.  However, there is the remote possibility of a more serious injury that could result in infection and/or leakage of air and liquid.  This is unlikely, in your case, given that a week has passed without your developing fever or other serious signs or symptoms.  You should definitely notify the doctor who performed the bronchoscopy, immediately, so that he/she can decide if further investigation is warranted and, if so, with what degree of urgency.

Good luck.
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