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medication complication

well we have ready date of one surgery in germany tubingen university,periectomic surgery more intra peritoneal quimioterapy.

but this week was terrible, we was to tha hospital here close to my home because my husband have a incfrese pain , after 7 month the quimioterapy with xeloda,taxol,avastin, i talk with his doctor , we want to make ct stan, because that pet-scan always say everything is same.

after that cat scan reveled that tumor original left size abdominal is growing, and have about 5 tumor more that is coming growing about 3 and 4 cm each.

we dont believe more in quimiotherapy, we like like to tried other opcion,

we was this week to the hospital and they given to him 3000ml a day fluid continuo and them he star to have retencion fluid, they give to him that same medication in home taked HYDROCODONEoral,FENTANYL parch, FENTORA oral, and OXIMORPHONE e.v. img every 1 hr.

but that retncion fluid increse and i decided to transfered to him a other oncology hospital, there  say that hi have neumonia for ispiration fluid in his lungs , they give to him MEROPENEN i.v 1 gr in 50ml in 30 min and after there day give VANCOMICIN hidrachloride 1gr in 100ml in 2hr.,,for fluid retention SPIRONOLACTONE ORAL ,INJECTION  them ENOXAPARIN for prevents blood clot,for pain control FENTANYL 115mg 2 parch and  given to him HYDROMORPHONE 1.2mg every 1hr cont THIS DAY BUT BEFORE 1 MG EVERY 10 MIN DELIVERY WENT HE PUSH THE BUTTON ., but now he is constispation full, they give to him lactobacilus ,enema every day,and METHYLNALTREXONE injection by e.v they say word with the opioids analgesis for constispeccion. well but he after 5 dayin tha hopital today star move (heces) go to bathroom, but before there days that, they give to him REGLAN e.v and have after that soo much complication fast pulse, and high blood pressure , LOW OXIGEN SATURATION and give to him NORVASC , and METOPROLOL by mouth-oral, and star respiratory therapy every 6 hr for 20min,he never used oxigen before that this was very bad for him not only the reglan cause that he is very very anxiety after taked the reglan and them give to him lorazepam injection and increse the anxiety ,and give to him haldol and stil he have that anxiety all in only 1 night ,for soo much complication, now hes blood pressure in coming down,about 96/54 and his pulse is 102 still used oxigen mascara, in 70% and the saturation is 98 .

just i pray to god every thing go to be bether because the ct scan for chest was normal just litle fluid still in only 1 lung, the abdominal scan have gas, fluid inside and in peritoneum too ascistis, and inside heces.,

well now he go to tha bathroom about 5 time and very productive.

the ecocardiogram is normal, the electrocardiogram is normal too,

i,am very confused about why they  give to him medication soo strong ,

plese help me i ,am still in this hospital with my housband and my children are waiting for a in christmas day.

he dont eat fine, because the abdomen is very distended , but they say he dont need expiration injeccion for ascitis,

I dont know what belive now, .


and god bless you.
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I am so sorry that your husband is going through so much. If he is in alot of pain then I can understand why he is on so many pain medications. They are strong ones, that is for sure. I think they want to keep him as comfortable as possible...unfortunately with medications like these, constipation is a very real problem.
I would have a conference with his doctors, ask them questions until both you and your husband are satisfied with what they are saying in regards to his treatment plan.
I wish I had more to offer, I will keep your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.
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thank the prayers is very important.

he don't have soo much pain now, 4 days ego the pain is in control, just he have soo much cough, and he ready have esophagus half reseccion and stomach half reseccion, the cough are caused reflujo gastric en  is color green, they doctor know that but i dont see any resolved.

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