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mucus & bad breath

Dear Friends

Has anyone experienced and overcome my problem?
I suffer from chronic bad breath which I believe/know is caused by excess mucus and post nasal drip.
My doctor has confirmed I have small polyps high up in the nose (and probbaly too small to remove at present). My doctor has prescribed Flixonase Nasule Drops which reduces the swelling and allows me to breath through my nose, however I still feel as though I have a cold all year round which I can live with but the excess mucus and resulting bad breath is causing anxiety and depression. I dont seem to be able to remove the mucus from the back of my throat which from what I can gather triggers the bad breath. I am constantly coughing up mucus and food seems to get lodged in my throat.
Any advice or solutions would be most welcome.



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same problem
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I feel your pain.  When the weather is in the 70's or higher, my sinuses are fine.  Once temperatures start getting down to 50°F at night or cooler, my ears begin to plug and it's almost as if a muscous ball accumulates in my head.  It just floats around and sometimes give me a sinus infection.  Sometimes part of it drains into my stomach and causes horrible amounts of pain in the morning.
No allergy medication, humidifier, air purifier or amount of fluids I drink seem to affect this ball of mucous.  It does not prevent me from breathing through my nose unless I lay down.  Even then, it only affects my left nostril.
I choke on it all winter long and right around May, when my allergies flare up, everything drains out of my head in a month long "cold" and then I feel great all summer long.
It's really frustrating.  Hopefully someone will figure this out eventually.  I've been searching around and there are a lot of people with similar problems so it HAS to be something!
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