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I belive that last week i had strep throat, my throat was so swollen that i could no longer swollow food and it felt like someone had taken a lighter to my throat it hurt so bad. I did have a little bit of mucus inmy throat then but a week later of thick mucus in my throat its geting very bothersom. I am currently on pennicillin and also pregnisone for the inflimation. I am finished with that one though. Do you have any idea what the cause of this is? and do you think is will go away?
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Yes, I do believe this thick mucus will resolve spontaneously, provided you take the penicillin as directed, daily for the full 10 days.  Even after the strep have been eradicated by the penicillin, the inflammation the strep caused may continue for a while.  This is nothing to worry about, provided that the soreness does not return.  The mucus is mostly a nuisance, not an indication of the return of infection.
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