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percentage of psychopathology of pulmonary fibrosis/interstitial lung disease caused by asbestos vs pets

end stage pulmonary fibrosis symptoms
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I cannot provide you with the odds of success, defined as permanent relief of symptoms, of this type of spinal surgery.  I would however suggest that you seek a second opinion from a Rheumatology Specialist and pose this same question to the specialist who recommended surgery.  You should also request the number of the proposed surgical procedures the surgeon has performed, the complication rate and the percentage of persons who have had this surgery and are willing to attest to a satisfactory outcome.

It would also be wise to seek the opinion of a lung specialist (pulmonologist) regarding the risk of major spinal surgery.

As for the second matter, pulmonary fibrosis, neither asbestos nor a response to pets is a significant cause of this lung disease, the cause in most cases not being identified.

Good luck.
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I was told I need to have spinal surgery of my lower back. for spinal steno-sis and another more serious looking deformity (I don't know what it's called).
any way this serious looking deformity is at L5 and may need to be fused.  That being said,  what are the chances of  this surgery coming out positive?
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I do not have pulmonary fibrosis my husband does.

I have spoken with my rheumatologist  wasn't thrilled with  the idea states the neurosurgeon is good,  doesn't care much for his follow up but a good surgeon.

I have two friends whom of which he has performed successful surgeries on.  one off which calls him the back god after a failed surgery by another neurosurgeon from an exploded disc.  I also did a medical review and found him to be an average- above average surgeon...  what do you call a doctor who finished the top of his class?  Doctor.  What do you call a doctor who finished the bottom of his class?  Doctor.  

Thank you for your response.
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