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oxygen dependant

I had pneumonia in both lungs and was so oxygen deprived that I was very lathargic. My children actually thought I was high on drugs for two days. After a visit to the er they put me in ICU and on the vent. I was there for almost the whole month of April. The atrophy was hard to deal with at first but is getting much better. But I am oxygen dependant and am not sure how long I am going to be like this. I still have pneumonia in the bottom of both lungs and have to be very careful. But being oxygen bound is really hard. Any suggestions?
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Hi: Even though you still have the pneumonia it would be good to get as much exercise as possible. I suggest you walk as much as you can. That will help bring up the phlegm and free up your lungs. Exercise like lifting weights 3 to 4 pounds while sitting or standing will help strengthen the walls of the lungs. The oxygen will also help strengthen the lungs. Stay well saturated. Take hot showers and if you have a concentrator use a bubbler. The only other thing I can say is make sure you have small tanks and talk to your oxygen supplier and see if you can get the puffer. The puffer will extend your time on the tanks. I have a 30 minute tank but with the puffer I get 3 to 4 hours. I am on 2 resting and 3 active.
I hope you will eventually get off the oxygen or at least reduce it maybe to night. I will pray for that to happen for you. If you want to keep me informed on your condition I am here. God Bless and keep you.
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I really appreciate the comment you left. I'm trying to exercise as much as possible but they cleaned out my lungs because of ARDS. So my breathing is kind of shallow. I walk a block a day and my body and lungs say thats enough. I do as I can. You comment was right on the money though. As soon as I get my strength back from the extreme atrophy. But I am doing so well with everything. Thank you for your response. Add me as a friend if you'ld like.
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Just keep doing what you are doing, stay as active as you can. I can say from personal experience that an illness like that will wipe you out for quite some time, you were very sick and it will take time for your body to recover from that. Over time, as your lungs clear, and you get stronger, hopefully you will not need O2.
I too am on O2, am going through pulmonary rehab to get stronger and perhaps be able to lower my O2 requirement as my lungs and muscles get stronger. I too have been in and out of hospitals due to severe infections, each time kicked my butt and it seemed like I slid backwards in the way of progress. There will be times when frustration and anger kicks in, that is a normal part of something as life changing as what you went through. It is sometimes hard to accept changes like this, but over time it gets better.
Personally, I hate the leash LOL....and stepping on the cannula thus ripping it from my nose and off my ears...Ouch! But, without my O2, I would be gasping for air and not be able to do what I do now.
Hang in there my friend, ask any questions.....
Gentle hugs, Jenn
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