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paralyzed diaphragm

I recently had shoulder surgery.  I was given a nerve block.  Ever since the surgery I have had shortness of breath - just walking across the room makes me feel like I've just run a race.
After a stay in the hospital it has been determined that I have a paralyzed diaphragm on the right side and the bottom section of my lung is collapsed.  Doctors are saying that the nerve block hit the phrenic nerve therefore causing the paralysis.  They say it is so rare they are unable to give a prognosis.  
Anyone have similar problems?  any prognosis?

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I to have a problem with the phrenic nerve. All the same symptoms. Mine was caused by some kind of virus after having a bad cold. Three months and no improvement. still seeing specialists. i am told a diaphramatic plication might help. how is your progress?
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I had a bad cough Sept 2000.  Lasted three months but in April 2001 was washing roof of car in cold weather, hence stiff and while throwing my right arm outwards caused a severe pain in my upper back/neck region.  I was in so much pain had to lie down, when i did couldnt get up again.  Went to docs and felt some numbness or lump in right hand side of neck, plus shoulder region pain.  I have been for endoscopy to check throat, physio, chiropractor, acupunture, orthopaedic, three mri scans and finally to neurology hospital.  They thought most recently I had a syrinx in my spine causing pain.  Since I have been investgating recently, phrenic nerve damage hits the nail on the head.  I have all the symptoms.  Cannot sleep on right side, get breathless, regular shoulder pain, particularly bad after alcohol consumption??  I don't know whether trauma through tearing a muscle? washign car in 2001 or after the bad virus lasting three months from september 2000 caused it.  All I know is eight years on pain is just as bad if not worse.  I am going back to doctors to discuss diaphragmatic plication.  Good luck everyone with this debilitating condition.  

Susan S
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