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persistant cough

I have had a persistant cough for 6 months. Was told by primary doctor that it was asthma but my cardiologist says its not asthma because I'm not wheezing. The only cough medicine that helps is hydrocodone but doesn't last till next dosage is due. Any advise on what to do?  My life is definitely on hold due to this.
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I would differ with your cardiologist about the wheezing.  Not all persons with asthma wheeze and not all wheezing is caused by asthma.  Some just cough but in most instances, treatment of the asthma with a good regimen of anti-asthmatic drugs will relieve the cough.  

A number of drugs can have the adverse side effect of cough, including those in the class of drugs called ACE Inhibitor Drugs, drugs frequently prescribed by cardiologists and other physicians.  You might want to review a list, of the drugs you are currently taking, with your PCP or your cardiologist.

If nothing turns up, you should ask your PCP about the treatment of what is called cough variant asthma.  If the cough persists, despite the asthma therapy, you and your doctor might want to consider referral to a Cough Clinic.  Most University Medical Centers have such clinics staffed by physicians adept at diagnosing the cause of chronic cough.

Good luck
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that is good advice. I dont know if it is the same thing but i have reactionary airway syndrome, where it seems like asthma but technically is not. but the airways constrict in reaction to exposure to household cleaning chemicals and exhaust fumes and i can hardly breathe and i can feel my airway constricting and closing... in the meantime, i do find relief from coughing by sucking on cough drops and throat drops as they just calm the area down and i drink lots of liquids, too and have to pee alot because of that, but it soothes the throat...

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