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phlegm in throat

For the last five years I have endured the presence of constant phlegm in my throat. Sometimes it
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Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinus cavities.  Inflammation of the sinuses could be due to an allergy, an infection, or ongoing exposure to an irritant, such as pollution or smoke.  It is possible to have inflammation without an infection in your nose and sinuses that does not show up on a sinus CT scan.

If your symptoms are due to sinusitis, they will last as long as the inflammation continues.  It is clear that you are frustrated.  I doubt that the Nasonex
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I have had the same thing and am about to go crazy with it. I have had Endoscopy(twice) and CT(twice), Barrium Swallow (twice), ultrasound, still no results.  GERD and Sinutitus is all they can come up with.  I hope to find something for relief. I too take the medicine (nexium) twice a day, following doctors advice for GERD. I have no symptoms of it though.  I still think it is Sinus related, but nothing has helped so far.  I also take Flonase daily, and cold/allergy medicines (over counter) and some prescription zyrtec.  This has been going on for years, but worse since last August.
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If the saline helped, you should stick wth it. I have never heard that there is any negative effect from long term use, and even if there is, could it be any worse than feeling like you're drowning in your own mucous?
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I have a similar problem, constant phlegm/post nasal drip and am tired all the time. Just got over my 3rd serious cold this winter, including a sinus infection. I have dust mite allergies, which can cause the drip in winter, and I've also heard that antibiotics can cause the drip for weeks after you stop taking them, which is my case right now. What makes me nuts is the choking feeling. Sometimes it's accompanied by what feels like a "thump" in the upper chest, or an extra strong/paused heartbeat. That scares me even though it usually passes in a few seconds, but it's not pleasant to feel like your heart is trying to jump out of your neck! Do other people have this problem? I don't take Sudafed/Pseudoephedrine (or other things with "ine" endings) because it makes the palpitation feelings much worse and I feel like I'm on speed. Dairy makes the choking thing much worse too, I find. Also it's bad when I lean over, things get more backed up in the throat. Perhaps slumped posture is part of the problem. What helps lately is gargling with warm salt water and using saline nasal spray. Maybe these can help you too... good luck!
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I also have fluid all the time.  Check out alergies or asthma.  I was told that the body will produce fluid to lubricate the air passagles that get inflamed from the asthma.
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ALso it might help to buy a humidifier. I was told by a nurse that dry, forced-hot-air heat aggravates this condition, and you want to keep your environment between 30-40% humidity. And drink LOTS of water to thin the mucous. Tea is OK too but mostly water. Avoid coffee and alcohol as they are acidic and this thickens mucous. I have been doing a lot of research lately because I can still get no relief and do not want to go on drugs. The choking feeling is totally maddening sometimes, and I'm constantly coughing and spitting now. Gross but effective. The warm saline gargle 3x a day gives periods of relief, really should try that.
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If I might add my two cents to this, yes I HAD the same exact problem as you did constant dry mouth, sleeping 10-12 hours a day, very little saliva in my throught (about 3:7 ratio with the mucous), and a thick white mucous (no infection), I just had surgery so they could remove a lot of the colerless gunk from my sinuses, I was on mucous thiners, allergy medication, neti pot, antibiotics (all free because my dad's a doctor), and I drank nearly 1 and a half gallons of water a day. So I was thinking all of these things are to relieve symptoms and not actually solve the problem of this thick white mucous that was still happening even after all these things I did. My eye, ears, and nose doctor told me that it might be acid reflux- which irritates the passageway, which then produces an abnormally high amount of mucuos which is then pushed up your throught through the the small cilia that line your throat. So this made me 110% sure of what I had, it had to be acid reflux. So I went on acid reflex medication, and it did not work. Once again though the acid reflex medication is just to help with the symptoms and was not getting at the root of the problem. My mothers side of the family has gastrological (I think thats how its spelt) problems, which means that my digestive tract is messed up- stomach, intestines, etc..., so I started to think what could be the root of all my problems. And I came to this conclusion IT IS THE DIET, what you put in is what you get out. For example the average diet for most people is severely lacking in fiber (which cleans the digestive track), and is lacking in many other nutrients which could help keep the digestive tract working effeciently (to stop acid reflux), so then I asked myself what diet I should go on, (I do not mean to offend anyone here or show any bias) since I am a Christian I turned to a Biblical Diet that is based off of what they ate back around Christ's time. And I can honestly say that it worked. If you are interested about learning more about the diet you can just search for it online, but I can tell you right off the back a few things that can help you. Stop Drinking Milk (get calcium from something else), Eat Whole Grains (preferable a bread called Ezekial 4:9 Bread), Cut out almost all meat (eat as low on the food chain as you can for livestock) because the higher up you go the toxins, found in meats, compound and reach higher levels, do not eat hybridized fruit (ex: seedless grapes and or any seedless fruit) but in turn eat fruit that is seeded since the seedless fruit is genetically altered (sugar level is higher and not quite as much nutrients), eat fish about twice a week to get the essential proteins that you would get from meat, cut out all fastfood, and etc... I really really hope that this helps everyone else with the thick mucous problems that I too once had. I can not begin to describe the pain I went through and the many times I felt like taking a steak knife to my sinuses and my throught. 19 years chained by the phlegm, 3 Days free from the bondage
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I read the article on sinuses and it says that symptoms often include: pressure in the area of the affected sinus; nasal congestion; postnasal drip; cough; sore throat; and thick nasal drainage. I don
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You are probably not contagious, but if you are very concerned, wear a mask when you hold the newborn. You can get them at wal-mart by the paint suplies, or a drug store may have them too. Don't let this keep you from the baby or your daughter.
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I just found your website and am relieved to find that I am not alone with this chronic mucous that is driving me crazy.  I've been having the problem for a couple of years and have been unable to find any relief.  I've had extensive allergy testing which turned up nothing at all.  Most recently I've had two episodes of bronchitis and two rounds of antibiotics, all within the past month.  I was also taking zyrtec during the first episode, and then mucinex (sp?)during the second.  The mucous sliding down the back of my throat is still everpresent, and causes me to constantly clear my throat, which oftentimes triggers a coughing episode, though the coughing has subsided considerably.  Since my daughter recently had a c-section and has two other children, she's needed me to help her and I'm afraid to go anywhere near the newborn, not knowing if this mucous thing with the accompanying cough is contagious or not.  It is truly maddening, and any ideas/suggestions/thoughts anyone may have would be much appreciated.
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Has anyone experienced along with GLOBUS which I have ..a burning tongue feeling like pepper.......I have had an endoscopy and all is normal..I do have a slight hiatal hernia and thought all this time I have GERD but no symptoms of heratburn as it would be the SILENT reflux....the first symptopm I had was a bitter taste in my mouth last Nov and for two months had the burning tongue on and off..then come Jan I started with a cough, nasal drip and then the globus.....will soon have a 24 hour PH probe to see if indeed I am refluxing.....the key is the burning tongue and I wish I knew of someone else who had that???
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I have promised to help with this if I found something. Found something I have! This is huge news for people that suffer from that phlegm problem

How to Solve excessive phlegm...

I am not a member of the medical community.  But, take that as you may, I have a story that may be of interest to you...

I have known my husband for 22 years and, of course, I have also known my father-in-law for that same period of time. One of the things that was a constant problem for my father-in-law, Tom Sr., was excessive phlegm.  For as long as I have known him, he was constantly clearing his throat.  And not just one time, but many, many times in a row. One time I counted and he cleared his throat over 20 times to try and get rid of the excess phlegm that was in the back of his throat.  My husband and I found some products last year that have worked wonders on our health and we thought he could benefit, as well, so we asked him to start taking the products.  Within a month, the throat clearing had completely stopped.  The excess phlegm got a bit worse at first, but in time it was totally gone.  I have not heard him clear his throat in that manner (it drove me absolutely crazy) for almost a year.  Turns out, Tom had a systemic candida overgrowth that was causing the phlegm.  When he got the candida overgrowth under control, the excess phlegm was gone!!

If you have ever, even once, taken antibiotics, corti-steroids like prednisone, birth control pills, chemotherapy or oral acne medications then you may have a candida concern!


Candida, what is it?

Candida albicans is a common yeast found in our digestive system and throat, when we are exposed to anti-biotics, birth control pills, corti-steroids, or prednisone the good bacteria which normally keep candida under control in our systems are killed off and the candida can overgrow. When the candida yeast gets out of control, it morphs into a mycelial fungal form, becomes invasive and grows rhizoids which then burrow into our intestinal wall. These rhizoids leave microscopic holes in the intestinal wall which allows toxins in the form of undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast into our blood stream.  When this condition occurs the overgrowth is called Candidiasis or a systemic yeast infection. One indication of a systemic yeast infection is oral thrush or a white coated tongue.  The toxins that the yeast puts into our system are responsible for the varying conditions that each individual experiences.

This overgrowth of yeast, I believe also causes excess phlegm and a host of other problems.  You could probably get by dealing with candida if excess phlegm was the only problem, but the kicker is that excess phlegm is probably just the tip of the iceberg.  You may be suffering from many other symptoms that are related to Yeast and just not realize it.  Things like fatigue, painful joints, recurrent vaginal yeast infections (if you are a woman, of course), eye pain, chronic sinusitis, headaches, and more. For a comprehensive list look at this list of Yeast Symptoms. I have supplied a list of things that I was able to solve with the fantastic product I will discuss below.  Finding out that I had a candida problem solved so many problems for me!  From things as benign as eye pain to water retention and the inability to lose weight.

If you want a quick and suprisingly reliable test - try this surprisingly accurate saliva test.


"The majority of people who have Candida Albicans (Yeast) do not even realize they have it until they become seriously ill.  It is estimated that over half of the worlds population has a moderate to serious Candida condition, due to the over use of antibiotics/drugs, bad diet and other causes. There are many programs, books and products on the market, all promising either control or relief from Candida and its symptoms. I have searched the net, researched with colleges and pulled together the most comprehensive, straightforward & up to date information possible. We will show you in these pages why Nystatin, Diflucan and other Fluconazoles do more harm than good, how to recognize the problem, arrest it and of course get rid of it!" - from Healthy Christian Living


A yeast overgrowth will not go away on its own, in fact this insidious fungus grows stronger and stronger with each passing year. I believe that I have unsuspectingly had an overgrowth for at least 20 years.  I have suffered miserably with the inability to lose weight, food sensitivities and the like. If I had known of systemic yeast 20 years ago, I would have done everything in my ability to get rid of it when it would have been easier.  However, I have found a way that even long time candida sufferers can be free of this nasty fungal infection. You need to cleanse it from your body and I found a wonderful product that helps you do just that.  The product is called ThreeLac and, with guidance, I can help you through the process of possibly ridding yourself of excess phlegm and other symptoms once and for all. Learn More about Systemic Yeast Infections.

If excessive phlegm is an indicator of a systemic yeast infection for you, can you afford to not take a look at these products? Bookmark this page so you can find me easily tomorrow and take the saliva test in the morning.  If you test positive, these amazing products may help you eliminate the candida, solve your excess phlegm and avoid the problems that a systemic yeast infection may develop into! You deserve to know if candida is a concern for you!!

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I am twenty years old.I cough up mucous AT LEAST 5 times per day. The time of day when it is most abudant is in the morning, in the morning it is usually brown. Throughout the day it is white, are clear. I have had this problem for about 10 months. I run out of breath easily, i have night sweats, and this condition is affecting my everyday life.
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i also have the same problem with the mucous in my throat im always cleaing my throat and it just wount go away its a thick mucous that i cant get rid of im only 20 and just found out im not the only one this has been going on for some months know i was just thinking it was a faze but now a little worried. what can i do??????
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I've been to the doctor...he didn't really help me. I don't have a cough. I just have to COUGH up all of the thick thick mucous accumlating in my throat. Today, it happened at least 8 times. I don't know what to do either.
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I have been suffering from this post nasal drip for a long time ever since i have had my tonsils taken out i have had this dripping from my tonsil for a long time and i know for a fact that the snot is supposed to go behind your throat and not infront of it like mine is doing i have been told that i am crazy but in a matter of fact that you are not supposed to take out your immune system unless it has failed you and if you do then you had better look out for some hard times unless you want to be the one suffering the rath of you own sinuses then you had better leave them alone and let them be because there aint nothing like what God gave you like your tonsils and adenoids and they will never fail you unless you fail them. and not people are not crazy just other people make them crazy .
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MY I HAVE UR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!!I was in here yesterday, I couldn't beleive what some of u have to go through..I have had the mucus in the throat for a few months....I HAVE ORDERED SOMETHING THAT MIGHT HELP US ALL...(I HOPE) FOLLOWING IS THE INFO AND #

JOURNAL OF LONGEVITY     1-800-678-7860

   RF-7 FORMULA   $29.95 PLUS $6.50

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Hello all,
after 6 yrs of suffering and little help/success from my ENT specialist I decided to search for this problem and am amazed to find so many affected people.

Along with this forum I also found this posting elsewhere :


Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus
From pennythomas [Log on to view profile] on 2005-01-24
4 replies 5822 views

I suffer from this annoying condition for weeks at a time. I have found out that Ignatia is an effective remedy for it, but not sure how to take it.

I have bought some 6C pillules.

Can anyone advise how many should I take and how often? And how far apart from meals? I am also not using mint anywhere (not even in toothpaste).

Please help!!

Thanks a million in advance

Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From passkey [Log on to view profile] on 2005-01-24
There are a number of remedies for your problem - apart from Ignatia - which is relared to Nat mur , another one. But as you only wish to know the dose it is probably best to take am/pm . If they are pills about 1mm dia then 5/6 at a time under the tongue . Do not eat or drink for about 20 min before and after . Good luck

Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From pennythomas [Log on to view profile] on 2005-01-24
Thank you so much for your reply.

Just in case this didn't work, what are the other remedies I should look out for?

Thank you in advance.

Penny :)

Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From Lovingkindnes [Log on to view profile] on 2005-05-16
Hello Penny,

I was wondering if the Ignatia has been of any help.

What does mint have to do with Globus?

Any help with what you found benefical would be appreciated.

Thank you

Re: Lump in Throat / Globus Hystericus From pennythomas [Log on to view profile] on 2005-05-17
Hello Lovingkindness,

I used Ignatia 30c, not 6c in the end. I took it 4 times a day, away from meals and drinks (apart from water); i.e. before breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon and last thing at night.

It cleared the lump feeling in 3-4 days, but relief started sooner.

Mint doesn't affect the lump at all, but I have heard that it may inhibit the effect of homeopathic remedies. But then again, I have also heard the opposite, and I am not an expert in homeopathic remedies at all!

Ignatia worked for me, but Nat Mur had also been suggested.

Best of luck - I hope you feel better soon.
Penny xx


This thing is driving me mad so I am going to try this remedy and will post back to let you know if it helps.

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Hi, I am female 23, always been healthy, ex-smoker, excercise regularly, no known allergies or asthma.
Please anyone who has any ideas or opinions on the following reply to this, I just look for some peace of mind!
I have had post nasal drip for nearly a year now, I think it's been either the same for all this time or it got slightly worse over the time.
I have tried all standard treatments for PND; antihistamines, steroid sprays, nasal wash, I even bought the expensive nasal irrigation device called Hydro Pulse, but all was with very little but mostly no effect.
But what bothers me most about this is that there is something in my throat, some unidentified object/mass, that partially impairs my breathing. E.g. when I exhale hard and fast, I can actually hear the sound of something being in the way of air flow. I noticed this only few days ago at my last apt with my doc when I was breathing into the device to measure my lung capacity, and it totally freaked me out. The doc said it is probably mucus in the throat from the PND, as my chest and lungs are clear.
I am just concerned whether it can't be something more serious, throat cancer or something?
I will not know for sure until my appointment with ENT specialist in a cpl of months (NHS!!!!!), that is why I look for peace of mind, advice from anyone whohas ever experienced or heard of anything alike.
Please help, all comments will be so deeply appreciated!
xxx Avine
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I too have this what now appears a common problem, mine started about 4 months ago with a sound in my throat like bubbling and crackling when in bed but particularly when on my left side or my back. In the morning i have a little clear mucus and when up and about for an hour it has almost gone. I visited my doctor in the last few days and he said because the mucus was clear it was probably ayatus hernia or could even be heart problem, i am waiting for results of ecg and blood testing.
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How weird - I've had the pepper feeling on my tongue and just started with the thick white mucous.  I've had bad heartburn lately and wondering if I have GERD.  
I'm on antibiotics because they found fluid in my sinuses on an x ray.
I've had weird other syptoms lately too.
I haven't mentioned the "pepper thing" yet to my doctor because I thought it would sound crazy.  I've had bad muscle pain lately, but saw a neurololgist and they did an EMG and muscle nerve test and it was fine.  They said muscle pain probably due to a virus that I had back in January.  The muscle pain went away and came back.  
Now the thick clear phlegm has a horrible taste.  I'm not really coughing so I'm not sure if it's coming from sinuses or down in my throat or bronchials.  Sometimes it had flecks of light brown in it.  Any idea what all this could be?
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Hello again.

Well I have been taking the Ignatia tablets for about 2 weeks now and I can confirm a HUGE improvement. There is still a slight feeling of a lump in my throat but the mucous is gone after one or two coughs in a morning ( as opposed to almost all day ) and my sinuses are no longer so congested. A bottle of 125 tablets cost me
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I have had this thick mucus in my throat for about 6 months now. Tests are coming back neg. Some days it seems worse than others. I also get neck pains and I have an ache in my back under my left shoulder blade. I constantly have to clear my throat and I have been told "allergies". I have taken antibiotics and all kinds of different medicines but nothing. I am currently on a nose inhalant powder and a pill to treat asthsma although I don't have it. I don't feel much better. I have bought an air purifier and it doesn't help. I do get acidic but I am taking nexium and that doesn't do much. I get scared that its serious and I can't seem to get answers. Most days I feel terrible and tired. I sleep alot and I get achey. Seems like something is hurting every day and I am tired of going to doctors and getting nowhere. Is there any suggested tests I may get or suggested remedies anyone may have. I think the pain in the lung drives me the most and I have had xrays which came back fine so the doc left it at that. Said it must be muscle related. I have had this discomfort for about 6 months so if it were serious would it have been alot worse by now? The mucus in the back of my throat is clear or white and after a coughing fit sometimes I spit out thick white masses containing brown flecks. Anyone have this? Thanks
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Hello nwfegrl,
least you could do is try the VitaminC and Zinc tablets, had no energy and similar problems for 5/6 yrs, seemed to cure my lathargy and saves waiting for doctors appointments.
Had ache in back and shoulder area but was cured by good mattress and good pillow ( too high gave me back ache ( back arching to compensate for high neck position), too low gave neck ache due to low neck  position through the night ). As for Phlegm in throat, read previous, had similar so tried Ignatia, works as solution for now but long term solution would be prefered :)
Most of all, stop worrying so much, stress makes any health problem worse.

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