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phlegm in throat

For the last five years I have endured the presence of constant phlegm in my throat. Sometimes it
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Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinus cavities.  Inflammation of the sinuses could be due to an allergy, an infection, or ongoing exposure to an irritant, such as pollution or smoke.  It is possible to have inflammation without an infection in your nose and sinuses that does not show up on a sinus CT scan.

If your symptoms are due to sinusitis, they will last as long as the inflammation continues.  It is clear that you are frustrated.  I doubt that the Nasonex
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I have had the same thing and am about to go crazy with it. I have had Endoscopy(twice) and CT(twice), Barrium Swallow (twice), ultrasound, still no results.  GERD and Sinutitus is all they can come up with.  I hope to find something for relief. I too take the medicine (nexium) twice a day, following doctors advice for GERD. I have no symptoms of it though.  I still think it is Sinus related, but nothing has helped so far.  I also take Flonase daily, and cold/allergy medicines (over counter) and some prescription zyrtec.  This has been going on for years, but worse since last August.
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If the saline helped, you should stick wth it. I have never heard that there is any negative effect from long term use, and even if there is, could it be any worse than feeling like you're drowning in your own mucous?
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I have a similar problem, constant phlegm/post nasal drip and am tired all the time. Just got over my 3rd serious cold this winter, including a sinus infection. I have dust mite allergies, which can cause the drip in winter, and I've also heard that antibiotics can cause the drip for weeks after you stop taking them, which is my case right now. What makes me nuts is the choking feeling. Sometimes it's accompanied by what feels like a "thump" in the upper chest, or an extra strong/paused heartbeat. That scares me even though it usually passes in a few seconds, but it's not pleasant to feel like your heart is trying to jump out of your neck! Do other people have this problem? I don't take Sudafed/Pseudoephedrine (or other things with "ine" endings) because it makes the palpitation feelings much worse and I feel like I'm on speed. Dairy makes the choking thing much worse too, I find. Also it's bad when I lean over, things get more backed up in the throat. Perhaps slumped posture is part of the problem. What helps lately is gargling with warm salt water and using saline nasal spray. Maybe these can help you too... good luck!
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I also have fluid all the time.  Check out alergies or asthma.  I was told that the body will produce fluid to lubricate the air passagles that get inflamed from the asthma.
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ALso it might help to buy a humidifier. I was told by a nurse that dry, forced-hot-air heat aggravates this condition, and you want to keep your environment between 30-40% humidity. And drink LOTS of water to thin the mucous. Tea is OK too but mostly water. Avoid coffee and alcohol as they are acidic and this thickens mucous. I have been doing a lot of research lately because I can still get no relief and do not want to go on drugs. The choking feeling is totally maddening sometimes, and I'm constantly coughing and spitting now. Gross but effective. The warm saline gargle 3x a day gives periods of relief, really should try that.
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