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phrenic nerve damage

My sister had a sugery called thoracic outlet syndrome. since the surgery she had more complications then she did before surgery. she ended up in the hospital, 5 months after surgery not being able to barely breathe, was hospitalized and sent home saying she had phrenic nerve damage, and now is on oxygen 24/7, I believe 4 liters.

my question is, is this permanent, will she have to stay on oxygen for the rest of her life, she is going to see a specialist tommorrow, we as her family are a bit confused, never heard of phrenic nerve damage, could someone please explain to us what that is, and is it repairable? anything anyone knows out there, please let us know. she is only 47 years old. Thanks, concerned sis..

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Unfortunately with any chest surgery, there is a risk of injuring the phrenic nerve, the nerve that feeds the diaphragm. Some people regain function, some don't (recovery times range from days to months from what I remember)....I am not a doctor, just an ex nurse who has bilateral diaphragmatic problems (from muscle, not nerve) so please take what I say for face value. I am glad that she is seeing a specialist, he or she can offer more insight that is unique to her case.
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