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   I'm a 44 year old healthy male.  I've been sickSick sinus syndrome for 7 weeks it started as a soreAreas where bedsores occur
Canker sores
Fever blisters and canker sores
Genital sores (female)
Genital sores - female
Genital sores - male
Mouth sores
Sore throat throatCancer - throat or larynx
Throat swab culture and runny noseNose fracture.  Then when I was in Arizona I started the following symptoms. I've been to the ER twice with no results other than my heartCongenital heart disease
Cor pulmonale
Coronary heart disease
Cyanotic heart disease
Depression and heart disease
Heart attack
Heart attack first aid
Heart attack symptoms
Heart bypass surgery
Heart bypass surgery - series
Heart disease has pvc's and slight anemiaAnemia
Anemia of chronic disease
Fanconi's anemia
Folate-deficiency anemia
Hemolytic anemia
Idiopathic aplastic anemia
Iron deficiency anemia
Iron deficiency anemia - children
Megaloblastic anemia
Megaloblastic anemia - view of red blood cells
Pernicious anemia  I've been to the pulmenologist 4 times.  I've had numerous tests, bloodAmylase - blood
Blood cells
Blood clot formation
Blood clots
Blood culture
Blood differential
Blood gases
Blood gases test
Blood glucose monitoring
Blood in semen,ekgAtrioventricular block, ekg tracing
Exercise stress test,ecgEcg
Electrocardiogram (ecg)
Exercise stress test
Post myocardial infarction ecg wave tracings, prostateEnlarged prostate
Prostate cancer
Prostate cancer - resources
Prostate gland
Prostate removal
Prostatectomy - series
Psa,  and a cat scan.
I have short breathBreath alcohol test
Breath holding spell
Breath odor, chestAcne, cystic on the chest
Adenocarcinoma - chest x-ray
Aortic rupture, chest x-ray
Aspergillosis - chest x-ray
Bronchial cancer - chest x-ray
Chest mri
Chest pain
Chest stretch
Chest tomogram
Chest tube insertion
Chest tube insertion - series and throatCancer - throat or larynx
Throat swab culture painAbdominal pain
Abdominal pain diagnosis
Acupuncture and pain
Ankle pain
Anterior knee pain
Back pain - low
Bone pain or tenderness
Breast pain
Causes of painful intercourse
Chest pain
Chronic pain - resources (not when swallowingSwallowing difficulty
Swallowing pain or burning) dizzy and light headed.
My bloodAmylase - blood
Blood cells
Blood clot formation
Blood clots
Blood culture
Blood differential
Blood gases
Blood gases test
Blood glucose monitoring
Blood in semen test says pneumoniaAtypical pneumonia
Chickenpox, acute pneumonia - chest x-ray
Hospital-acquired pneumonia
Pneumococcal pneumonia
Viral pneumonia and the doc says chlamydian pneumonic.  I've taken 2 z packs and doxycycline for 2 weeks.  I've gotten a little better, but it still persists.  One day I felt all better for 16 hours then it started all over.  However, the symptoms are not as bad as the beginning, but it's keeping me from work.
I've had no phelgm just a dry coughCough
Pertussis raspy throatCancer - throat or larynx
Throat swab culture, and stuffy noseNose fracture.
Any suggestions...
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