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pollution/2nd hand smoke/ affecting right lung and right side of throat

46 year old female symptoms include swollen lymph nodes on right side of neck (all approximately 3 months), sore throat right side, occasional hoarseness, acid reflux (take prilosec 2.5 years) undescribable feeling in right side of throat and upper back right lung almost always have to be conscious of breathing.  My breath feels heated (?) - actually steams up my glasses.  I have had EKG, numerous heart tests, ENT looked in my throat, and my M.D. performed lung function tests and Chest X-ray and did blood work along with thyroid ultrasound - all have come back normal.  I do cardio daily and lift weights on weekends.  I smoked for 27 years but quit 10 months ago.  My hair has been falling out but OBGYN states it is from hormones (pre-menapause on b.c.pills for it) and stress (has been on and off falling out for five years).  Have had numerous xrays on mouth for extensive dental work.   SOB first noticed approx. 9 mths ago.  Also did a steam facial and that is when I first noticed a real problem with steam/heat/hot bothering my right lung and throat.  Now cannot take hot showers (cannot breath afterward), cannot walk into smokey establishments/any wear near bbq's or roofs being tarred and pollution from cars, etc.
What could this possible be?  Can COPD effect only one side?
It almost feels like there is a constant lump/ball on the right side of my throat and right lung.  I am getting overwhelmed and have a hard time concentrating on work and just plain living -too preoccupied with what is wrong and getting air.  What could this possible be and what steps should I take next
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It isn
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Thank you so much for your response.  I was at a loss on what to do next.  Since I posted the initial question I have gotten on antidepressants because the worry over my health was getting to be too much.  

Three weeks of prozac has seemed to ease my anxiety and although I'm still aware of my lump in my throat/vocal cord area it doesn't seem to radiate as much toward my right lung/chest.  I have also upped my dose of prilosec to twice a day instead of just the morning as I was told to by gastro dr. to see if it was my acid reflux.  

I will go back to reg. dr to follow up on lymph nodes and once again...thanks so much for your help.  

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