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every once in a while I will cough up a small ball from my throat, yellow in color, and hard.  It smells awful. What is that?
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It is probably drainage that is coming down the back of your throat.  It can be coming from the sinuses or the back of your nose.  The odor sometimes indicates an infection.  This is more likely to be in the sinuses.
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Probably from your tonsils.
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Is this something I should be worried about?  I have had bronchitis last jan 2006, started with a cold then about the 4 day, got a fever and wheezing.  Then in Nov 2006, just got a cough no fever or cold symptoms, just a cough then wheezing.  They called it both times Acute Bronchitis?   How can I prevent this from happening everytime I get sick??  I AM NOT A SMOKER. They did an X-ray, just acute bronchitis.

I did get sick in April 2006, just sore throat and head cold. lasted only 4 days.  Nothing else.  

Is it just the type of virus I'm catching that causes bronchitis?  Or is it my immune system at the time of when I get the cold.  It seems to happen in the winter. (I live in No. California- mild weather)  I take vitamins, excercise, eat well.  

I was referred to an Allergist and they say I have chronic sinitis and post nasal drip. Gave me flonase?  Also said I may have GERD..

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Im sorry, lol, i put tonsils and by all means meant sinuses. I get the hard balls too, once in awhile, not very often at all.
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You know what?! I have the same problem!!! I went to an ENT doctor and he diagnosed that I have chronic sinusitis. I hate it! I've been having this problem ever since I've moved out to Irvine,CA 4 years ago for college from Barstow,CA. I also notice that I have post-nasal drip, urg! I've been having this bad smell in my nose and it ***** because I'm always too embarrassed to socialize w/people because of my breath too and even when I breathe from my nose it lingers in the air. What I smell is like a stinky maneuer smell...or fart. My ENT doctor suggested that I have my sinuses drained and to shrink my turbinates because they are most of the time inflated. Right now I'm gonna see if I have allergies just in case before I have the surgery. Anyway, keep in touch with me on here if you want because it seems like we have the same problem. Take care!!!!! And don't worry, I know how you feel :( You're not the only one
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I have nasal polyps. I've had them all my life and i tend to cough up slimey watery yellow subastances every now and again. My problems is a recurring chest infection.

Go see a doctor.
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