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pulse oxegen test

took test while sleeping.when woke up top number was 93,bottom number was 63.is that normal.or do drs read it different way.
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Are you talking about oxygen saturation in the blood while you were sleeping?  Or Blood pressure?  

Oxygen saturation measures how much dissolved oxygen is getting into your blood and it is a %.  Doctors usually want that to be around 95-100%.  Below 93% is a concern.  

If you mean blood pressure, that is read 93/63.  That is in mm/hg.  That is a very good number for blood pressure.  

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The portable O2 sat machines have two numbers, the top is your oxygenation and the bottom is heart rate. Your heart rate is 63, which is great. Your sat is 93...some people dip down when they sleep, what will be interesting is how your sats were while sleeping. If it is low enough, doctors get concerned with sats below 90, then you will need further work up to see why you are desatting. The major reason for low O2 levels is sleep apnea, others are COPD and other lung disorders.
I hope your tests come out okay, I am not a doc just a former nurse with her share of lung issues. Your doc is the best source for information regarding your results.
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