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pus as the result of asthma????

A 49 year old woman diagnosed with asthma for about 14 years, but no severe attack was observed until 2 years ago qua now she is suffering from it notably. it is at least for several months that pus forces out from her lungs after lots of coughs and recurrent episodes of wheezing still continues . No CT, X-ray or ultrasonography has been taken yet.
I just want to know whether the pus is the result of asthma or I should consider the other possibilities such as pleural effusion, empyema , pneumonia, lung abscess and so on...????
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Thanks in advance for your useful answers
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Why do you believe it to be pus rather than phlegm?  
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As you mentioned I think it would be better to use the term sputum rather than pus. Thank you
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