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radiography findings

Radiography Chest Report.
The Radiological findings are suggestive of bilateral patchy consolidation with linear atelectasis on the right.
please explain, is this atelectasis something to worry about @ 61 years of age?
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Dear karizmaflip,
It is alot on your shoulders and alot on your mind.  Has your mother looked into SSI?  It is for people who are not able to support themselves and need medical attention.  There is a certain classification of applications.  Have your mother ask the Social Security Administration about TERI cases.
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Dear Friend,
Please talk to trusted adults you know--your minister, the family doctor, a relative, your teacher, a social worker, and ask them how you can get medical help for your mom.  Most states have social services and some medical assistance for folks with low incomes.  You can also try calling your a nearby hospital and your state department of health.  In addition, she could call your local branch of social security.
Best of luck!
Starion in HI
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