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remediation for lung scar tissue

I have been told I have scar tissue in my lungs; probable cause from working around aviation chemicals and fuels- (non smoker-military fitness program for 3 decades);when I exhert myself, I run out of breath easily to where I can't function (rescue inhalers don't help). Occasionally, something iritates my lungs and causes me to get worse and end up on steriods/asthma medicines for several months. Is there anything to do to help improve my capacity or help genuinely heal??
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Scarring or fibrosis is an irreversible process.  Scar tissue, once formed, may contract a little but it never goes away and, unfortunately, there is no way to make it go away.  I wish there were.  However, it would be important to know for sure that you have what you say you have, before you conclude that there is nothing to be done for it.  If you have not already, you may want to consult with a lung specialist.

If it is true that your breathing power is fixed and irreversible, you can still engage in an aerobic exercise program to improve your fitness as you seemingly did in the past.

Good luck.
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since you said "it would be important to know for sure that you have what you say you have" it sounds like there are specific tests that should be done? can you identify these for me to ask my local doctor about? thanks.
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