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respiratory disorder

I don't know how to explain this.  Sometimes, when my 1 year old little

girl falls down, or gets hurt, she starts crying

, and stops breathing.  I wish I could record it to show you what I mean.  She will sometimes stop breathing until she turns red, purple, and eventually blue, then she goes completely limp in my arms, my husbands, on the floor, in her highchair, or wherever she is.  She just faints.  It's Frightening...!!!  Completely TERRIFYING.!!!!  I cry every time she does it because it scares me SO badly.  She started doing this when she was about 8 months old.  I never did anything like this when I was a child, neither did anyone in my family
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, or my husbands.  Our 4 year old son never even came close to anything like this.  Everyone tells me that it's normal
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, but she does it SO frequently (nearly every day, sometimes twice
a day or more), that it's really scaring me.  She is not doing this when she cant get her way, just if she gets hurt, or scared.  Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to help her..???
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Is this something she is choosing to do?  Is she doing it because she is mad and trying to get attention? or does she do it when she is hurt?

I held my breath until I passed out as a temper tantrum.  It is not normal. It is a learned, reinforced behavior.  My mother was scared every time I did it, but the pediatrician told her to lay me on the floor where I would be safe and leave the room.  She had a hard time accepting his advice.  When she finally did leave the room when I threw a fit and held my breath, my show stopped after about the second time with no audience.  If the show isn't going to get the attention that is wanted, it stops.  

Option 2 - If she is crying because she is hurt, many babies will start breathing again when you blow in their face.  You could try that as well.

I hope you find some answers as I know it is terrifying.
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