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respiratory problem after the laryngectomy

My farther-in-law has been diagnosed as cancer of the larynx, and then he has a total laryngectomy. After the operation he has to breathe through a permanent opening in the front of his neck, and must ware a small device on the hole. But in China there is only one kind of steel device supplied, which is staring, and makes patient feel uncomfortable.

So we are trying to find other kind of device for him, something is made in plastic or looks like fleshcolor. Can you give me some advice for where to find it?

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What you are looking for is VERY-VERY easy. Its called a laryngectomy tube. Your fathers insurance company should be able to locate a plastic or latex tube to fit him comfortably. Other wise, the internet is riddled with companies that offer them. However, a professional should be available to recommend the appropriate size and length. BE sure to see only a speacilist in this field like a Respiratory Therapist or an ENT specialist. PA's, NP, and nurses are usually not specially trained airway management and rarely covers their scope of practice.

Singer Inc is a popular company here in Boston. They are supplied by Boston Medical. They are amoungst the top in the country.


Goodluck and let me know how it turns out!


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Thank you so much!
I have contacted BMPI by email and now I'm waiting for their reply. Also I am in charge of a export&import company in Shanghai, now I am going to do business with BMPI about this kind of products.

Again thank you for your kingly comments.
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