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What does it mean if the doctor says you have Lower Respiratory Infection and your lungs are pretty tight?  

How do you get Lower Respiratory Infection?
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Infections usually start out as upper respiratory infections, such as from a cold and then travel down into your lungs (lower respiratory infection). Other times it's from getting the flu and a secondary infection sets in, such as pneumonia or acute bronchitis. Other times you could get acute bronchitis from being exposed to a lot of irritants in the air (such as wood dust, heavy pollution etc). And some peoples lungs are more susceptible to lower respiratory infections, if they have a pre-existing lung disorder, such as asthma, or COPD.
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Thank you so much for this information.  My symptoms were sore throat, headache, body ache and chills (flu symptoms).  I started taking over the counter meds. The day I went to doctor, my symptoms were only sore throat and coughing and I was hoping to get the normal penicillin for sore throats and I wasn't given it. I have had upper resp infections in the past but never heard of lower.  I searched online and cannot find too much info.

My office at work started going through renovations so now I'm wondering if I got sick from that because the workers took up old dirty carpet and replaced and painted. We also had to remove everything from the office prior to the workers starting.

Thank you
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