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scar tissue

I spoke earlier about my husband that has a nodule in the right lower lobe of his lung.  About five years ago, he was told that he had alot of scar tissue.  Can nodules develop in some scar tissues and maybe not in others?  He goes for a CT scan in 5 wks.  Is that too long to wait to have this checked out.  I will let you all know the results when we hear.
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Nodules can develop in some scar tissue and not develop in other scar tissue.  If you husband has had chest x-rays done in the past, his doctor could compare these with his most recent to find when the nodule can first be seen.  If the nodule is seen in a past chest x-ray and if it has not changed, nothing more needs be done.

Five weeks is a long time to be anxious and worried.  However it is not too long to have the nodule checked.
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To me it is too long because I would worry myself to death wondering what is wrong with me.  My doctor told me it would be a week for my x-ray and I told her no that was too long so she sent me to the hospital where they could return the results the same day  or at least the next day.  They then wanted me to get a CT scan which in this case they had a facility right down the hall that I asked to give the results right away.  They were able to call me that day to give the results.  Some times it is just a matter of asking.  Mine all turned out fine and ended up being an infection and my Asthma causing my breathing problems.  Not sure about the scar information.

I pray for you and your husband that all turns out well.
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Thanks for your reply.  Glad your results were good. I pray ours will be too.  I've been told that nodules can be from a result of a positive TB test.  Well my husband had that about 5 years ago.  He is a police officer and somewhere he came in contact with someone that had TB apparently.  He took medicine for it.  Could you tell me how long your CT scan took.  My husband will have to drink some kind of liquid and then they are going to put die in him.  I don't think much of that idea but I guess its safe.
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I've had about 8 chest/thoracic CT scans; takes around 10-15 min for the whole procedure if all goes well. They will inject iodine dye for a contrast CT, the usual kind for lung CTs. They will ask him to hold his breath during the actual scan, maybe 45 sec.
He shouldn't eat or drink for 4 hr before the CT. Remove any metal around the chest. After the scan, he will remain in position til the radiologist reviews the film. More info at:
Thoracic CT
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