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shortage of breath and pain in chest


I am feeling a pain in the middle of my chest and face shortage of breath.  This occurs when I get smell of smoking, pollution and any other deep scent. I have to take long breath in order to maintain my normal respiratory system.
I have consulted doctors who unable to diagnose my problem properly. I have undergone CT Scan to my chest and everything appears normal in the report.  

Could you please advice what can be happened and how this problem be cured. Please let me know if you require any further details of my problem. I appreciate your quick response and help

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The normal CT scan rules out many diseases of the lungs but not asthma.  If you have asthma, the smoking, pollution or any other “deep scent” could aggravate the asthma and make you short of breath.  But asthma does not cause chest pain, unless you are also having chest muscle spasm, due to the shortness of breath.

If, however, you were found to have coronary artery disease (CAD), you could be having coronary artery spasm in response to any of these scents, especially by cigarette smoke.  You should ask your doctors if there is any other reason to suspect CAD.

Some individuals are exquisitely sensitive to smoke or a variety of aromas.  Mostly they experience headache and/or shortness of breath or heart palpitation.  This could be the case, in the absence of heart or lung disease.

I hope you are able to get an answer to your body’s response to these scents and, in the meantime I hope that you can conduct your life to avoid, for the most part, exposures that so trouble you.
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