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shortness of breath, especially with eating and exertion

I am a 40 year old woman who has been suffering without definitive answers for nearly 2 years.  At 37 (my last pregnancy), while only ~4 months pregnant, I suddenly felt shortness of breath (felt the need to take a deep breath or yawn a lot, but couldn't), especially while eating.  After about 4 weeks, these symptoms disappeared and did not reappear until a year later (6 months postpartum).  In addition to a great deal of shortness of breath and fatigue, I also began to experience significant heart palpitations, extreme lightheadedness and near fainting spells.  On one occasion, I went to the ER and 1 1/2 hours after I was laying on the floor, my heart rate on the EKG was only 40 bpm.  After an echocardiogram, a stress test and a CT angiogram, I was diagnosed with non-specific palps and vasovagal reaction.  I was also treated wtih GERD meds, singulair and inhalers.  My symptoms did not subside at all for many months (including several respiratory infections which required antibiotics that year).  I have been on GERD meds (currently Protonix 2x/day) along with an inhaler and singulair.  I generally follow all GERD preventative recommendations.  I continue to have significant (uncomfortable and prohibitive) shortness of breath (not always, but often with physical exertion and while eating (but only if it was present before I started eating)).   My 2nd pulmonologist thinks my asthma is under control and this is GI related.  Does this make sense that very moderate (or even sometimes light) physical activity could trigger this if it is GERD related?  I am desperate to figure this out and get it under control.  My life has changed in a bad way because of this, and I am scared on top of it.  I also had thyroid antibodies show up in past bloodwork, although (6 months ago) apparently according to the labs, my thyroid was still functioning normally.  Any ideas?  Thank you so much.
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You sound a lot like me. Im just as scared as you do. You are in my thoughts. Please keep me updated and I will too.
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I just read The Ultramind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman MD, and he talks about patients who have multiple symptoms like yours.  Some physicians think he's a kook, but I think he's onto something.  It's a lot of science to wade through, but it will give you some insight.
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I would ask your doctor or specialist to send you for a full long function series of tests.  That is when I found the root of my problems
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