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shortness of breath

i'm 23 year old male , i started getting short breath and chest tightness on several occasions without any specific triggers it came also with high pulse rate low pressure and disorientation  , then it became worse and  i almost fainted several times and the worst episode of these symptoms lasted about an hour after that the case improved and i could breath normally , i suspected a cardiology condition and i went to a cardiologist he did ECG and echo tests and told me my heart is very good and there is no problem and it may be stress or the symptoms induced by some sort of panic attack , today i got the same symptoms but more severe i tried to control the panic attack symptoms and i succeeded my heart rate didn't rise but still the chest tightness was very severe i couldn't catch my breath and it felt like my chest on fire , i went to the hospital immediately but the symptoms was gone in 20 mins , so the doctor said it may be an allergy , i stopped smoking for almost a month now hopping that my condition  gets better but it didn't , i travel a lot what do you recommend for an emergency procedure to do when i get those symptoms and what should i do about that case ?
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guys !! ... little help here please !!
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Cough, chest tightness and breathlessness the three symptoms are the triad of symptoms for Asthma. It is a disease affecting the lungs causing narrowing of the airways, usually due to an allergic reaction to triggering factors. Therapy is with bronchodilators which cause the airways to dilate. Have yourself evaluated for the same. This can be detected by a spirometry test.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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