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shortness of breath/frequent yawning

I am a 41 year old female with a 2 year old, in good health other than being about 10 pounds overweight. Two months ago I began experiencing shortness of breath. I yawn constantly in an attempt to get air. The doctor thought asthma, especially given my family history of lung problems, so though my lungs sounded clear I tried advair/albuterol.  No change in condition.
I had a ct scan to check for a pulmonary embolism and everything looked good. I have been taking previcid for 2 weeks to treat possible acid reflux, but there has been no change in my condition. I feel better when I sleep and wake up feeling great, only to have the sob return within a few hours.
A possibly relevant fact: the day before this started I was at yoga doing a twist when I felt a very, very sharp pain in my right side under my rib, along with a feeling as if a rubber band had been snapped in the same place. The pain was excruciating and traveled through my breast and shoulder, but was gone in a few minutes and I was able to continue class. Also, I was in the desert for a few days and it went away but returned about a week later. I fairly certain it isn't stress/anxiety as the trip out of town was not relaxing. The breathing seems better when I stand/worsens sitting down, and I may have been standing more than usual on the trip. I am feeling so frustrated, scared, and depressed.
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I posted a comment last night, but I don't see it here, so I'll try again.  I have had this for years on and off.  It seems like I have had every test out there and everything points to anxiety.  I feel that it has to be more than that as it gets worse with exercise.  I do not have anything wrong with my lungs...I've had several tests.  I am scheduled for an echocardiagram (picture of the heart), so we'll see.  I am not one who likes to complain or go to the doctor, but I have decided that I must pursue this to get to the bottom of it.  I should mention that I do have bouts with anxiety and depression, but I have been on meds for years and I still have this problem.  Once in awhile I take Ativan and it seems to help the SOB(but very little).  Just knowing that I am not the only one out there is comforting to know.  Any advice?  Thanks!!!
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These symptoms all sound so familiar.  In August I started having shortness of breath.  I'm 46.  I had a CT scan done on my lungs and found out I had a small clot in one lung.  After some blood thinners they said the clot is totally gone but I continue to have shortness of breath.  I
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I am getting pretty convinced that it is anxiety related.  I am now taking Ativan as needed, but sometimes, I need it a little more than others.  I exercise quite a bit and I notice I get symptoms if I am doing cardio sometimes.  What am I supposed to do? Sit quietly and never do anything?!  I've downloaded relxation cd's onto my ipod and I really have to be tired for them to work.  I just can't all of a sudden listen to them and expect to breathe perfectly!  It's so frustrating.  I am going to try eliminating certain foods out of my diet...like sugars, white flours, etc. and see how that works.  I know that sugar really affects me and being the holidays, it's pretty bad.  Feel free to respond. I could always use a friend who can really understand this maddness!!!
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I'm a 25 year old female. For the last week or so I've been yawning excessively so that I can breath. I've had shortness or breath and some joint discomfort. I've also been experiencing fatigue.

A doctor prescribed Prednisone for the joint pain. Maybe I'm reacting to that.

I exercise regularly and do not have a cough. Any ideas of what could be causing this problem.
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I am a 22 year old college student who has been dealing with exactly what you are all describing since I was very young. It comes and goes but for weeks at a time I will be struggling for breath, to the point of nervous breakdown. It used to get so bad that I would just start to cry, which makes the breathing worse. When I was a child I was mis-diagnosed with ashthma and used inhalers for years (which didn't help at all). I've had several ashthma tests since then but I'm always told its just anxiety. I admit that I do have increased symptoms during times a stress, like the weeks preceding important exams and such. But then at times when I feel completely de-stressed I will have weeks at a time when I just can't seem to get my lungs full of air. I try so hard to inhale and eventually all my muscles just get sore and it becomes painful. Tell me that's not stressful in itself? I've tried yoga but its distracting to yawn all the time. I have also tried therapy for anxiety but my therapist told me I didn't really need it that much. Is there absolutely nothing that can be done? I am so glad to hear that I am not the only person alive with these symptoms, no one ever seems to be able to relate. I sincerely hope that we can find some sort of treatment.

I do consume an average amt. of caffeine, but they don't seem to be related unless I'm already experiencing the symptoms.

Any advice?
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I am 19 years old and i had brochitus about 2 months ago and it came back because i went back to smoking cigerettes. I quit once i felt the syptoms again and went to the doctor. My doctor gave me an inhaler and ive stopped smoking for a month or more now. The inhaler doesnt seem to be helping at all, and i constantly yawn to even feel like im getting enough oxygen into my lungs. I have shortness of breath alot and my lungs kinda hurt when i take deep breaths, and sometimes i get a pain in my shoulder blades but im not sure if that has anything to do with it. I do get anxiety and work myself up when i feel like im not breathing right because i want to feel a nice breath of air into my lungs so bad i get scared. It does not feel right, and then I go on google and read all these syptoms like lungs disease and so on and gets me even more scared. I am worried, i also never was diagnosed with asthma before so i dont know why my doctor gave me an inhaler. I want to get a lung x-ray or something I dont know what I should do. Wish someone could help me figure it out, i know your not all doctors if you have any advise that could help i would appreciate it.

Im worried :( i think i mentioned that quite a bit

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I'm a 54 yr old female, three weeks ago I went to an urgent care with a migraine and chest pain. I was given a pain shot and migraine meds. I went to my regular physician the next day and she
x-ray-ed my chest and told me I had a Bronchial infection, but the next day when I called to say the headache just kept coming back I was told I had pneumonia (pockets, nothing much to worry about).I went for another visit and she kept wanting to give me pain shots and put me on 750 mg LEVIQEN for 5 days, it's very harsh. Three weeks later I'm still  having  headache, nausea, and my chest hurts. Any activity causes heavy sweating and shortness of breath, and the chest pains have me worried to death. My head hurts behind my right eye and feels like a pounding in the top of my head. It's not typical of migraines I've had before. I'm  tired of meds and refused pain shots due to the fact that I believe they might mask any real symptoms of something else. I also worry that the pneumonia might be a secondary infection due to something she is unaware of. Needless to say, we really have to take care of ourselves and doctors are so busy I'm afraid they brush us off as soon as we leave. I've had 2 ct's of my head, and 3 chest x-rays and am told my lungs are clear and my head is ok. I feel like a hypochondriac and a much poorer one after all these visits.AND I"M STILL SICK !!!!  How long does it take to recover from pneumonia and what can I do to hasten the process? Thanks anyone, bevvie
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why isnt any one anwering me :(
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thanks to everyone for their input..I too am experiencing this sob. It started recently when my boyfriend and I strted having serious problems and alot of what I am reading  from everyone they mention anxiety attacks..so I'm thinking thats it. I told my doc and he did an ekg right away. I do smoke a pack a day but I have been doing that for 25 years (now I am 42) I have quit all other vices and I am ot ready yet to give up this one. Could it possibly be some type of an infection I wonder ? thanks again to everyone Eva
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28Male here,

I had the same complaints , and i went to Doctor with pain in my heart ? so everyone panics..which i really thought i was going down this time..but they did all types of tests and everything actually it was not my heart it was the Acid Reflux popping up!!!...I changed my Food to white meats , salads and stuff no more taco bell nor similars never again !! lost 30 pounds , i feel much better on breathing etc. Good luck to everyone
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i'm a 24yr old female in great shape and I too have been experiencing SOB and  frequent yawning for the past month or so...when i look back i think it started  in the last couple months but i didn't really pay attention to it until about a month ago when i was out clubbing, having a smoke (i'm only a casual smoker..when partying) and as i came back inside the club after the cigarette, all of a sudden i couldn't breath...like i would try and cath my breath but it would take quite some effort to get a full satisfying breath...and while at home or work i will yawn A LOT and that seems the best way for me to get that full breath...sometimes it's even hard to exercise which is kind of depressing as i loooove jogging...i also noticed when i do get a full breath i feel a kinda pressure or tingly feelng/numbness at the bottom of my left foot or sometimes my left palm..it's weird...i remember noticing that even before my full blown SOB episodes became really noticable...i went to the dr. and all the tests so far seem normal...i hate when they say it's anxiety or stress when i know exactly what symtoms of anxiety/pannic attacks feel like and this is definitely not it...i know my body and this happens to me all the time and last for hrs and has nothing to do with me being anxious...also inhalers that help open up your lungs don't seem to help...they only make me all messed up; irritated, jittery etc...i don't know what to do...i guess i'll go see my dr. again soon and see about doing more tests...it's frustrating that docors dont know what it is ...it seems like only ppl on these boards get what i'm going through...if only i knew what it is....sooo annoying to have to deal with this...i hope it goes away
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