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spitting blood

recently this past few days, ive been spitting with blood. but not always, it is during i clear my throat. i have no chest ache nor a sore throat. ive planned on seeing a doctor this week. i just want to know if there is something wrong with me...
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This might or might not be serious.  The likelihood of serious or not depends on your age.  For example, a non-smoker less than age 30, almost certainly benign vs a smoker over age 60 having a reasonable chance of the bleeding coming from a tumor.  Seriousness would depend on the source of the blood and could range anywhere from a slow nose bleed into the throat to a lung disease that is bleeding.  Examination of your nose and throat and maybe a CT of sinuses would be a good start, along with a chest x-ray.  You may have to have a direct examination of your throat and airways to find the source.  This is done with what is called a fiberoptic bronchoscope.

You should persist with the evaluation until one or another doctor can tell you the cause of the bleeding with certainty.
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Could be a tumor or perhaps TB (rare).  See your physician.

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