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swollen tongue

I don't know why but the side of my tongue is a little swollen and it feels a little sore.  It feels like I bit it or something like that but it seems to be further under my tongue than just on the side.  It's been bothering me for two to three days.  I'm in my mid 40's and in pretty good health.  I have asthma that seldom bothers me and I don't smoke.  I'm married and don't fool around so I don't think it's a STD.  Any suggestions?
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This could be the result of something you ate that irritated the tongue and created an internal swelling, which persists.  It could be a small infection that has started in one area of your tongue.  It could be an irritation from brushing your teeth that has persisted.

If the tongue remains swollen or increases in the swelling, I would suggest seeing your family doctor.
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I just realized that the top of my tongue is white.
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I just noticed that the top of my tongue is white-ish (mostly in patches) and is slightly swollen.  It's also kind of scolloped looking around the edges. This is really gross and really painful.  Any idea as to what it is?  I take SMZ/TMP DS (or sulfa) and, just recently added, spironolact.  Could I be having a reaction to one or them together? I've been taking the SMZ forever.  Thanks for any help!
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Just to let anyone interested know, an oral surgeon examined the lump and the white tongue.  He prescribed an antibiotic to get rid of the thrush and said that he would see if the medication had any effect on the lump within the tongue.  The  thrush was completely cleared up a day and a half later.  The lump was completely gone after just a few days.  Fortunately because he said that if it didn't go away, he would have to cut it out and send it for a biopsis.
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