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throat mucus and vomiting

i am 19 years old and i weight lift and run regularly so i am always in great shape and have no allergies at all. i am in the process of joining the marines and i need to be perfect health for my meps physical. i have recently started having a problem with my throat and stomach. i always have mucus in the back of my throat wheather its after i eat, drink or am doing nothing. its to the point where after i eat i feel the food rising from my stomach half digested and it usually leads to vomiting. this is really effecting me because i cant even talk to someone because in mid conversation i feel like i have to gag. when i gag i burp because recently i cant burp on my own i have to gag to get air up. i have no health insurance due to no longer being in school so thats why i came to this post. i know this is a very hard subject to analyze due to me reading numerous post from other people with a similar problem. i would be very humble to anyone who can guide me in the right direction because i am very anxious to go to the military.

thank you,
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There's many possible causes. Here's two.

1. Read this post, the third comment by T_S


The book he refers to is from Dr. Diana Schwarzbein.

2.  You could have GERD, acid reflux, and the best antacid, which won't dry your throat and lead to mucus, is Gaviscon (Liquid only)

Good luck, Future Marine
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I have same problem....I cannot eat because i get even more mucus and my throat is full of it and my stomach and my intestines and colon, from one end to the other...I was throwing up all night last night  and it was mucus coming out both ends. It feels like I am going to drown. When I was a kid I would get it when I drank drinks with allot of sugar so I avoided sugar as much as possible but now......I recently got a thyroid blood test and TSH was high 5.8 but the uptake soft tissue test was normal. This flem or mucus or whatever I am drownding in is horrible and frightening. sorry I don't have an answer.....just more questions
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