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throat problem

iam not sure as to what catagory it comes under, i have this unusual problem occuring in my throat for the last two months ...i feel like my throat might get block,my lower end of the throat gets dry sometimes feel difficulty in breathing as that point of time ...my docs say it may be due to some infection...
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What you have experienced could be a simple matter of excessive mucus and accumulation of mucus in your throat due to nasal or throat infection.  That would account for the sensation being intermittent.  On the other hand, “difficulty in breathing” should be carefully evaluated to be sure that you do not have a lung problem.  If you don’t have asthma, bronchitis or other lung problem or a chest x-ray abnormality, and the feelings persist, you should have a careful direct examination of your throat, by a doctor using an instrument called a fiberoptic laryngoscope.

Another possibility would be allergic swelling of your throat and the most common cause of that would be food allergy.

Good luck.
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